What are the best Zoom backgrounds for your virtual happy hour

DoorDash launches the Lunchroom. Photo provided by DoorDash
DoorDash launches the Lunchroom. Photo provided by DoorDash /

As the days blend together, the best Zoom backgrounds for your virtual happy hour can make the drinking ritual a little more festive.

Have you picked the best Zoom backgrounds? With so many options available, there is no reason for anyone to see that pile of laundry on your bed, that embarrassing prom picture or the dirty dishes that you still haven’t put away. Why shouldn’t your virtual happy hour transport you to someplace magical?

Recently, DoorDash created the LunchRoom. The free, custom-made virtual backgrounds feature some favorite restaurants. From Buffalo Wild Wings to McDonald’s to Chili’s Grill & Bar, it is just like sitting in your favorite watering hole.

Since this LunchRoom is technically your house, there are some caveats. You do have to serve yourself, you could be interrupted by some unexpected guests (your kids) and you should wear pants (please, everyone start wearing pants on Zoom calls).

While the restaurants make it seem like the virtual happy hour, there are the other backgrounds that can transport your next Zoom to the theme park capital of the world. Visit Orlando is sharing some of its favorite locales from around Orlando.

Although Disney Parks have their own set of Zoom backgrounds, Visit Orlando suggests SeaWorld’s Manta Coaster or even the thrilling Incredible Hulk Coaster at Universal Orlando Resort.


Even though the theme parks are big draws, the other locales around Orlando can feel like you’re on vacation. From the Wheel at ICON Park to Gatorland, there are various locations. Just think of all those gators on the screen during happy hour. It could make sure that you sip responsibly.

As the current climate continues, everyone needs a little diversion. Whether it is a fun zoom background or calling a friend to say Whassup, the idea to stay connected however we can. Maybe planning that next virtual happy hour, placing that call or just sending that text can make a difference.

Everyone will enjoy a beer back at Buffalo Wild Wings and will be riding the Hulk again. Until then, use your imagination.

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What is your favorite Zoom background? How are you staying connected to friends?