The best cookie recipes do not require an oven

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As more people bake for comfort, the best cookie recipes do not need an oven. With this simple idea, a cookie craving can be satisfied in minutes.

Have you been searching for the best cookie recipes? While grandma’s cookies might spark a memory and favorite hotels have been sharing their iconic recipes, the idea of turning on the oven might be overwhelming. Even with those three-ingredient recipe hacks, the heat from the oven can make the house feel stifling.

Luckily, there is a way to make delicious cookies without even turning on the oven. All you need is a great skillet and an stove. It is simple, easy and cookies are on the table in just a matter of minutes.

The idea is similar to cookie desserts that you see in restaurants. Many people use skillet cookies as part of a cookie sundae or other dessert. As the warm cookie is placed on the table, it is impossible to resist. Whether topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a drizzle of caramel or just eat on its own, there is something satisfying in every bite.

At home, cooks might not have those cute individual skillets like a restaurant, but a kitchen skillet can be the perfect way to make the best cookie recipes, with no oven required. Simply use the skillet on the stove to bake up a fresh, tasty cookie in a matter of minutes.

One recipe that I have made at home is from Anolon. Many home chefs appreciate the Anolon line of cookware. The gourmet cookware line has a wide selection of kitchen tools that can help with kitchen creativity. From the perfectly made omelet to a beautifully seared pork chop, there is a kitchen essential that will make you feel like a premiere chef.

The Anolon Stovetop Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe can be made with ingredients straight from the pantry. These cookies will have a gooey, chewy consistency. While the recipe is meant to make 2 dozen cookies, the size does matter. If you like big cookies, you might have a few less.

One important aspect to remember when making skillet cookies is space. Just like all cooking, do not over crowd the pan. Overcrowding can impact the pan’s temperature and cause uneven cooking. It is best to give those cookies some space.

Also, you will need to wipe the skillet clean after each batch. While brown butter is delicious in a sauce, burnt butter in a pan does not make for tasty cookies.

Next time you have a cookie craving, you do not need to turn on the oven. Grab a skillet and break out your favorite cookie recipe.

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