Modelo encourages everyone to CincUp for charity

Modelo #CincUp with Modelo First Responders, photo provided by Modelo
Modelo #CincUp with Modelo First Responders, photo provided by Modelo /

With Cinco de Mayo approaching, Modelo understands that many people will be toasting to the annual event. This year, it is time to #CincUp for charity.

During the current climate, Modelo appreciates that many people can use a beverage to unwind or even to toast those who stand on the front line and epitomize the best of the fighting spirit. This Cinco de Mayo it is time to raise a toast and #CincUp for charity.

While this year’s Cinco de Mayo celebration might coincide with Taco Tuesday, a trip to your favorite bar or restaurant might not be in the cards. From the at home taco bar to the virtual happy hour, this year’s celebration might look visually different, but the day isn’t going unnoticed.

As more people find ways to not only support each other but also to support charities, that ice cold beer is more than just a tasty libation. Modelo wants everyone to raise a glass or bottle to first responders’ fighting spirit and #CincUp.

On your preferred public social media account, everyone is encouraged to share their moment of #CincUp. While some famous faces, like Jerome Bettis, have shared their moment, everyone can join the movement.

For every post, Modelo will donate $1 to #FirstRespondersFirst. The initiative helps to provide first responders with the supplies, resources and equipment they need as they continue to assist communities during the current crisis. Up to $500,000 will be donated.

With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, Mexican beers are often part of the celebration. While the classic Especial is always a refreshing pairing with a wide variety of Mexican inspired dishes, it isn’t the only beverage that can be part of #CincUp.

Model Chelada Mango y Chile
Modelo Chelada Mango y Chile. Photo provided by Modelo /

It can be a great time to discover the Chelada. The flavorful, michelada style beer is perfect on a warm day. The beverage combines tomato, lime and salt flavors.

New to the Chelada line is the Mango y Chile variety. The balance of slightly sweet and spicy could become summer’s must have beverage. Whether drunk on its own or incorporated into a mangonada, it is worth a sip.

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If you are opening a Modelo this weekend, remember to #CincUp for charity. We raise a glass to those who epitomize the fighting spirit.