5 must have items for a virtual Kentucky Derby Party

Are you throwing a virtual Kentucky Derby Party on the first Saturday in May? From the classic mint julep to a Hot Brown, what are your must have items?

While Churchill Downs sits quiet, a virtual Kentucky Derby Party is a great way to celebrate the first Saturday in May. NBC will be showing a special virtual event to mark the occasion. Although the Kentucky Derby, Run for the Roses, has been rescheduled for September, the traditional day needs to be celebrated, too.

If you are throwing a virtual Kentucky Derby Party, a few must have items can make the afternoon a fun celebration. Here are the items that FoodSided will be enjoying during our Kentucky Derby Party.

Mint Julep

The iconic Mint Julep is always a Kentucky Derby classic. The preferred bourbon is Woodford Reserve. While the cocktail is a classic, there are variations on that idea. One important aspect to remember, fresh mint is the best. From the aroma to the flavor, a sprig of fresh mint makes for a delicious Mint Julep.

Hot Brown

While there are a variety of famous Kentucky dishes, the Hot Brown is an iconic one. Created at the Brown Hotel, the open faced, turkey sandwich has become a classic. Although many people have done variations on the original recipe, it is a hearty dish that is perfect after a couple of mint juleps.


Pimento Cheese

A southern favorite, pimento cheese, can be served with or on almost anything. From a topping for a sandwich to eaten with crackers, it is a staple. The combination of cheddar cheese, hot sauce diced pimento is delicious. One tasty choice is to add it to a Southern Style Chicken sandwich.

Hats, fascinators and fashion

While the fashion parade might not be as flamboyant this year, the day is a perfect excuse to get dressed up at home. Even if you do not have your own fascinator, there are many tutorials on how to make on at home. It can be an excuse to push your creative side. Even some popular beverage companies have joined the fascinator fun.

Pick a favorite

Even though this year’s virtual Kentucky Derby Party focuses on previous Run for the Roses winners, everyone has to pick a favorite horse. Whether you choose by name, jockey or even the jockeys’ silks, everyone needs to pick a favorite. It could be a fun way to enjoy have everyone involved with the event.

Whether you throw a virtual Kentucky Derby party today or think about planning another Run for the Roses party later in September, the tradition is a great reason to raise a glass, grab a plate and enjoy the moment.

Have you thrown a Kentucky Derby party? What do you serve?