Forget bread recipes, Hawaiian recipes bring the vacation escape to the kitchen

Halekulani heavenly Coconut Cake Recipe. Photo provided by Halekulani
Halekulani heavenly Coconut Cake Recipe. Photo provided by Halekulani /

If you are tired of bread recipes, Hawaiian recipes are the next foodie obsession. These delicious dishes are a vacation escape without having to leave the house.

While that summer vacation might be on hold, Hawaiian recipes can offer a flavor escape from the home kitchen. Instead of being obsessed with bread recipes, these tropical inspired dishes show a shift in cooks’ preferences. A taste of the islands is waiting for any home cook.

Previously, poke bowls and poke restaurants were a huge food trend. Many people craved both the flavors and the convenience of that bowl meal. Each bite was bright, refreshing.

Although comfort foods bring a bite of nostalgia, people are looking for virtual escape via the kitchen. Global flavors offer that flavor trip.

According to Hillary Reeves, Chicory’s VP of Marketing, “the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted some very unique and never-before-seen trends. The gravitation toward tropical flavors suggests to us that consumers are seeking a sense of escapism while stuck at home, and are moving away from the casseroles and pasta dishes that are typically popular in our network.”

Thinking about Hawaiian recipes, there are a variety of options. While poke bowl is more currently popular recipe, there are a variety of Hawaiian inspired recipes that are perfect for the home cook. From Garlicky Lemon Mahi-Mahi to Huli Huli Chicken, a variety of recipe platforms has numerous options.

One of the biggest trending ingredients is pineapple. Whether used in a teriyaki bowl or as a grilled garnish to a fish dish, there are many ways the tropical fruit to be used in recipes.

In another interesting twist, Spam has had a resurgence in popularity. While the canned meat might not be some people’s first choice, Spam can be quite tasty when prepared well. Like any ingredient, when used well, Spam dishes can impress. Try some Spam hash and see.

Also, some famous resorts are sharing their iconic recipes. For example, the Halekulani Coconut Cake recipe could be a great choice for a special dinner. Even if you don’t have real waves crashing in the background, put on a virtual beach escape and image.

With the weather getting warmer, take a step away from another loaf of bread and channel some beach escapism. Hawaiian recipes could be that vacation bite that is completely satisfying.

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What recipes are drawing you into the kitchen? Are you starting to explore more global flavors?