Enlightened Fruit Infusions let the fruit do the talking

New Enlightened Fruit Infusions, photo provided by Enlightened
New Enlightened Fruit Infusions, photo provided by Enlightened /

Bringing new innovation to the freezer aisle, Enlightened Fruit Infusions are a first for the frozen dessert category. Are you ready to taste a functional frozen fruit bar?

Indulgence does not have to come with a side of guilt. The new Enlightened Fruit Infusions are a delicious frozen treat while offering a boost from creative ingredients. While a traditional popsicle might be refreshing on a hot day, Enlightened’s functional frozen fruit bars are putting a healthful spin on a frozen treat.

Many people are familiar with Enlightened and its line of frozen desserts. From the newest collaboration with Delish to its numerous other frozen treats, the brand has epitomized the idea that smart indulgence can fit into any lifestyle choice.

As the warmer weather approaches, many people are looking for light, refreshing frozen treats. Although those childhood popsicles come with nostalgia, the high sugar content may not fit into some healthier eating choices.

The new Enlightened Fruit Infusions give a boost to the idea of a popsicle. These functional frozen fruit bars are lower in sugar and made with simple ingredients. Basically, these frozen treats are about the fruit flavors. But, there is also another boost in each bite.

Available in four flavors, the Fruit Infusions have adaptogens. Adaptogens are believed to help with health concerns like digestion or boosting the immune system. These frozen desserts combine tasty fruit flavors with additional ingredients which could help boost certain health aspects.

Enlightened Fruit Infusions
Enlightened Fruit Infusions, Pineapple + Renew, photo provided by Enlighten /

The four Enlightened Fruit Infusions are: WATERMELON + SOOTHE, STRAWBERRY + CHILL, PINEAPPLE + RENEW and COCONUT + IMMUNITY. While many people will choose their favorite based on the fruit flavors, the additional ingredients could bring a new flavor combination to the table.

For example, the PINEAPPLE + RENEW is “infused with dandelion root, turmeric and ginger root, three botanicals popular in herbal teas known for supporting a healthy digestive system.” Turmeric has become a popular addition to many beverages and recipes. Adding the ginger to the mix, the digestive benefits are apparent.

More importantly, this flavor combination should be quite refreshing. The sweetness of the pineapple is brightened by the spicy ginger. With the golden turmeric boosting the visual, this frozen treat could be the perfect way to end a hearty meal.

The other three frozen fruit bars are equally exciting. From relieving stress from lemon balm in the strawberry flavor to the black pepper for antioxidants with the watermelon, everyone could be encouraged to eat more desserts.

The new Enlightened Fruit Infusions are available at Whole Foods. A package retails for approximately $5.99. The product will be available online later this summer.

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What do you think of the new fruit bars from Enlightened? Are you excited to try them?