2 ingredient cake recipe is so easy that it can make anyone into a baker

2 ingredient cake recipe, photo by Cristine Struble
2 ingredient cake recipe, photo by Cristine Struble /

The urge to bake has brought many people into the kitchen. A 2 ingredient cake recipe can make even the person who cannot boil water into a baking master.

Everyone seems to be baking and a 2 ingredient cake recipe means that everyone could join in the baking fun. Even though banana bread and sour dough starters are all over people’s feed, those recipes can be overwhelming for many newbie bakers. A simple cake recipe cake helps everyone gain some baking confidence.

While many people can follow the directions on a boxed cake, sometimes people do not have all the ingredients in the pantry. From not enough butter to missing eggs, that cake craving might go unsatisfied when some ingredients are not in the house.

In a genius baking hack, there is a solution. With just a boxed cake mix and a can of sparking water, you can have a 2 ingredient cake recipe. Yes, it is that simple.

Recently, Waterloo Sparkling Water shared this recipe idea with me. Personally, I did not think that a 2 ingredient cake recipe would really work. After years of baking with expensive, numerous ingredients, it did not seem possible. But, I took the challenge and it works.

2 ingredient cake recipe
2 ingredient cake recipe, photo by Cristine Struble /

Here’s the recipe as provided by Waterloo Sparking Water.

"Preheat your oven to 325Add cake mix to a large mixing bowlSlowly add in 1.5 cups of your favorite Waterloo Sparkling WaterMix togetherPour in baking panBake for 25 minutes"

In the original recipe, Waterloo recommended adding icing. I preferred to add blueberries that I cooked on the stove with some sugar. Also, you could eat the cake plain or with any topping of your choice.

The cake has a light, airy sponge, similar to an angel food cake. Just like a sparkling water makes a tempura batter light and airy, it is the same concept with the cake.

I used the Waterloo Lime flavored sparkling water. The lime flavor was slight, basically it tasted like classic white boxed cake.

It is probably the easiest, fastest cake that I had ever made. We used a 9 x 13 pan, but you could use round cake pans or even a bundt cake (remember to grease that bundt cake pan). If you are unsure of baking, this cake recipe is one that could make anyone a baker.

Going forward, it would be interesting to see how various sparkling water flavors would work. Additionally, it might be nice to pair some lime zest with the lime sparkling water. A similar idea could work with other citrus flavors. The zest could bring some brightness to the plain cake flavor. There are many options that could expand this simple cake recipe.

As more people discover baking, this 2 ingredient cake recipe means that baking a cake can happen whenever that cake craving hits. It could be a big reason to always have a cake mix in the pantry.

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Are you excited to try this cake recipe? What baking hack has changed how you bake?