Salud! Best Mexican beers to pair with your favorite Mexican food

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Move over margaritas, the best Mexican beers are a perfect pairing to Mexican food. From light lagers to darker varieties, which Mexican beer is your favorite?

What do you think are the best Mexican beers? According to sales, Mexican beer was the leading imported beer variety in 2019. From the always popular Corona to Modelo Especial, many popular names instantly come to mind. While these refreshing beers are perfect pairing to Mexican food or for a Cinco de Mayo celebration, could a different beer quench your thirst, too?

In a beer report, Corona was seen as the most imported Mexican beer in 2019. Other well known brands compiled the top five selling beers.

Additionally, these particular brands expanded their portfolios beyond the classic lagers. From the rising popularity of the Michelada to seltzers, the depth in the brands’ portfolio grows.

Since this best Mexican beers list is just one person’s opinion, many people will agree to disagree on these findings. There is nothing scientific or statistical on FoodSided’s choices.


Considered the best selling Mexican lager, there is nothing more simple and refreshing than a Corona and a lime. Even when not sitting on a sandy beach, the Mexican lager brings thoughts of sun, sand and warm breezes. It is a light, refreshing beer that works in almost any scenario.

Negro Modelo

A darker Mexican beer, the Negro Modelo is more full bodied that its Especial counterpart. If you prefer a fuller flavored beer, this Modelo is a perfect choice. Try one with that carne asada and you might be convinced.

Dos Equis

While drinking a Dos Equis might not make you the most interesting man in the world, this Mexican beer is quite popular. The beer has a slightly sweeter taste. Overall, this beer is best when enjoyed more quickly since the carbonation tends to dissipate quickly.


This Mexican beer tastes more like a traditional pilsner than other beers. It has a fuller flavor, which seems to come from a more hoppy quality. While not too strong, it is quite drinkable. If you are looking for something stronger but not quite a dark beer, Tecate is a good choice.

These suggestions are just that, opinions. Agree, disagree or make your own suggestion. The best part about beer discussions is drinking the beer.

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Do you like Mexican beers or do you just drink them on a beach vacation?