Uber Eats now delivers Dunkin so you don’t have to run

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Dunkin just expanded its delivery options to include Uber Eats. From a dozen donuts to an iced coffee, your favorite pick me up can be brought to your door.

Convenient delivery continues to be a necessity. Now Dunkin and Uber Eats have partnered to expand delivery options to many of its restaurants. Ordered via the Uber Eats’ app, guests can order their favorite food and beverages just the way that they want them. Now, that Dunkin routine is back to normal.

Presently, this delivery option is available in eight states, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, and South Carolina. With 1,700 currently offering this type of delivery, the expansion looks to include 4,000 locations by the end of May.

In addition to adding the additional delivery options, Dunkin continues to pay it forward. In honor of Nurses Day on May 6, nurses and all healthcare workers can receive a free medium coffee and a free donut. No additional purchase is necessary to receive the free donut and beverage.

Whether you choose the fan favorite Butter Pecan coffee or a regular cup of joe, that gesture can make the day a little brighter. During these difficult times, every little sign of gratitude is appreciated.

While the free beverages and food are a bright spot, the popular brand has donated and delivered hundreds of thousands of donuts and coffees to first responders, hospitals and emergency sites. It is their way of doing their part.


As the crisis continues to evolve, the lasting impacts are far greater than the current illness itself. The Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation provided a $200,000 grant to First Descents. This money is being used to create “Hero Recharge.”

Given the lasting effects that being on the front lines of this crisis is having on healthcare professionals, this program is designed to help those people recover from seeing all the trauma. The adventure based healing is meant to help these heroes after all their efforts.

Whether you place an order for delivery via Uber Eats, grab a free food for Nurses Day or share a note of gratitude with someone, it is a reminder that everyone continues to run on Dunkin.

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Has there been a food or beverage that helps you keep that sense of normal during the current crisis?