How using the SodaStream can reduce plastic bottle use

SodaStream Super Bowl commercial featuring Bill Nye and Alyssa Carson, photo provided by SodaStream
SodaStream Super Bowl commercial featuring Bill Nye and Alyssa Carson, photo provided by SodaStream /

While many people are dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, more trash than ever has been piling up. Here is how the SodaStream can help reduce plastic bottle waste during this trying time.

You might remember this fancy item called the SodaStream, or you may not. This is an item you can use to help reduce plastic bottle usage during the pandemic many of us are going through. The company has actually ran an initiative encouraging customers new or old to consider purchasing their product during this time to reduce plastic usage.

Once you buy this product, you get to use the same SodaStream bottle it comes with so you don’t need to keep tossing out plastic. If you buy through their website, you’ll get a starter kit which comes with a one liter bottle that can be used and cleaned for as many times as you wish. The colors as of this writing are red, black, white, blue, brown/white, and baby blue in color. If that isn’t enough, it comes with the carbonation cylinder and free shipping.

The SodaStream website also states on the product page it comes with a 3 year warranty if the product ever breaks down on you. This is good if you’re ever using it too much, and do notice it isn’t quite working for you.

I highly suggest starting with the Fizzi Classic so you can get a feel for the item, and if you wish you can buy the One Touch Electric or the Aqua Fizz Premium version. This is mostly because back when I first bought it, they only had the Fizzi Classic version at the time and it was easy to use and understand with the instructions included.

I hope you will consider buying this item to reduce garbage waste during this time as this product did me well when I used it. It helped me not having to walk and go inside stores to get soda all the time. This is another key reason why I feel like SodaStream should make a big come back during the pandemic.

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Will you consider buying a SodaStream?