High River Sauces bring the flavor with a spicy flare

High River Sauces, photo provided by Cristine Struble
High River Sauces, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

Sometimes a dish needs a burst of flavor. High River Sauces offer a spicy flare that can keep any dish from being bland or uninspiring.

Do you crave a little heat, a burst of flavor or even a little fire on your tongue? For flavorful seeking foodies, High River Sauces offers a variety of big, bold hot sauces that will make any dish go from bland to boisterous in a single bite. Can you handle all that flavor?

For many people, hot sauce is a more than just a condiment. Whether put on scrambled eggs to smothering an enchilada, that extra kick of flavor enhances an entire dish. Although some people prefer to have mouth blazing heat, hot sauces are not always about the extreme. Sometimes layered within all that spice are nuanced flavors that bring you back for bite after bite.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try High River Sauces. Since I am not averse to spice, the more intense hot sauce flavors intrigued me. These sauces are not about being hot for hot sake. The combination of ingredients builds layers of flavors. It is a taste that needs to be explored.

With numerous flavors within its line of hot sauces, there is an option for the timid up to the extreme. No matter the heat tolerance level, there is a hot sauce for everyone.

Since many people choose a hot sauce based on the name or the amusing picture on the label, this brand delivers their own cheeky brand of humor. There are references to all types of pepper humor and the imagery is entertaining. More importantly, the flavor behind the label delivers.

For example, the brand Thunder Juice has a few sweet notes to balance the intense ghost peppers in this sauce. Flavors of peaches and blueberries add a touch of almost barbecue sauce feel. That sweetness is matched with a hint of chocolate. In way, it is a creative interpretation of a modern mole-inspired sauce.

While it might seem unusual to some, I tried this sauce on a fritta. The simple egg and ham fritta was lifted with the Thunder Juice. The smoky, sweet ham played off the peach. While the sauce’s heat is fiery, the flavor combination was on point.

Since Thunder Juice is a sauce, it could be interesting to use this hot sauce as a flavor enhancer to a homemade barbecue sauce. Although the Thunder Juice on its own could be too much as a glaze for ribs or chicken, it could work well with a base barbecue sauce to big up the heat.

Another tasty hot sauce from the line is the Green Manalishi. This sauce was created with celebrity chef Chris Santos. The verde sauce is bold, yet not extreme. It is considered a low end hot sauce.

Personally, this sauce is great with some chicken wings or even with tacos. If you are looking to spice up that guacamole, it adds better flavor than a bunch of jalapenos. It could be that every day type sauce.

From approachable to extreme, High River Sauces has a wide variety of options to fit any and every palate. The hot sauces can be purchased on the brand’s website or via Amazon.

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How hot do you like it? What is your favorite brand of hot sauce?