Hop Valley Brewing Co goes a little exotic with Stash Exotic Blonde Ale

Stash Exotic Hazy Blonde Ale, photo provided Hop Valley Brewing
Stash Exotic Hazy Blonde Ale, photo provided Hop Valley Brewing /

Have you wondered what beer pairs with watching the Tiger King? The Stash Exotic Blonde Ale by Hop Valley Brewing Co is a perfect fit.

While you have probably watched too many hours of the Tiger King, a cold Stash Exotic Blonde Ale by Hop Valley Brewing Co might be a reason to revisit that infamous Netflix series. What started as an April Fool’s joke could be your perfect summer beer. And, no bad hair dye is required.

Often brewers seek inspiration from pop culture. Whether it is a popular Netflix show, a baseball team or a big event, special beers often reflect more than just a refreshing libation. It could be the boldly colored can or the amusing name. Even with all the enticing packaging in the world, the beer in the can needs to taste great.

Hop Valley Brewing is a popular Oregon based brewery. While the beers flavors speak for themselves, each of the beers do have a little kitschy quality. Although the brewers say that they often dream up their ideas on their pseudo-psychedelic couch, the brewery impresses with its creativity in the can.

Looking at Hop Valley Brewing’s various beers, they fall into West Coast IPA genre. The citrus forward hops tend to make several appearances. Overall, the brewery has a variety of beer choices from a more easy drinking choice to a bold, hoppy options.

The special Stash Exotic Blonde Ale is more of an easy drinking beer. With a 4.5% ABV, the alcohol content is on the lower side, which makes this type of beer a great afternoon sipper. For some people, you can have more than one.

The beer is described as a “golden bright beer with a refreshing touch.” Going into the summer months, this beer could be perfect for that backyard barbecue, sitting by the pool or another night of binge watching.

For many people, they will want to try the beer just because of the humor behind it. It can be a great reason to break away from the same old beers. If you want to channel your own inner Tiger King, this beer could be for you.

The Stash Exotic Hazy Blonde Ale will be available starting this month in Oregon. Availability will be expanded over the summer. While Oregon will have a 6-pack can option, other locations will see the beer available in the Patty O Pack Mixer option.

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Would you like to open a cold Stash Exotic Hazy Blonde Ale? What is your favorite beer to drink on a lazy summer afternoon?