Terrapin Beer scores a home run with Frenchy’s Blues beer


Summer, baseball and beer are a winning combination. Terrapin Beer, Frenchy’s Blues is the newest craft beer collaboration that definite scores a home run.

Craft beer collaborations draw inspiration from all over. The new Terrapin Beer Frenchy’s Blues draws on its connection to Atlanta Braves baseball, one of its favorite players and a local ingredient to create a perfect sip for summer baseball watching season. Could this limited edition beer become the must have summer sip?

Just like food trends, beer trends have ebbs and flows. Looking at the craft beer world, many new releases are drawing inspiration from bright, fruit forward flavors. Just like the food on the plate, the beer in the glass is embracing some big, bold flavors.

Terrapin Beer Company started as a passion project for co-founders Brian “Spike” Buckowski and John Cochran. These two brewers found a way to offer unique experiences through exceptional craft beers.

With their iconic turtle on each beer’s label, these beers are well liked by serious beer drinkers and casual sippers. While the brand’s Rye Pale Ale might have put these brewers on the map, each new offering has proven that they are here for the long-haul.

Personally, I was first introduced to Terrapin Beer by enjoying a Hopsecutioner IPA. While the bold hoppy-flavor made me take notice, the malt smooths out the flavor and offers balance. With notes of citrus and even pine, this IPA makes you take notice first from the aroma and then from the sip.

As one of my favorite beers to sip on a fall afternoon, the Hopsecutioner IPA isn’t the only beer in the Terrapin line. From year-round offerings to limited seasonal releases, the beer brand is continually looking to move forward but never loses sight of its unique experiences roots.

For fans of the Atlanta Braves, Terrapin offers the ATL Brew Lab, located in SunTrust Park. Whether enjoying a beer during baseball season or another time of the year, this location has sparked some creative beer inspiration.

In some ways, beer and baseball go hand in hand. Terrapin embraced that idea with its Chopsecutioner. This seasonal, slightly lighter version of the classic Hopsecutioner appeals to that baseball fan. Slightly refreshing on a warm day, this beer is even aged on wood bat chips.

For this summer, Terrapin found a new way to combine Braves baseball and its delicious craft beer. The newly released Frenchy’s Blues takes the fruit forward beer trends on a new path. Could it be the must have baseball beer for the summer?

This newly released beer is a collaboration between Terrapin Beer and, former baseball player, Jeff Francoeur. In some ways, this particular beer is not the typical baseball watching beer.

Frenchy’s Blues is a Berliner style beer. This type of German style Weiss beer can be cloudy and a little sour. Often, the ABV is usually low, the carbonation is high and often is fruit forward.

Frenchy’s Blues by Terrapin Beer, photo provided by Terrapin Beer

Recently, I chatted with Spike Buckowski about the release of the new Frenchy’s Blues and the
collaboration with former player, Jeff Francoeur. Listening to Buckowski’s speak about this beer, his brand and the brewing business, Terrapin is and will continue to be a force in the beer industry.

Looking specifically at Frenchy’s Blues, blueberry beers can be a little off the beaten path. In this case, they knew that blueberries were going to be featured in this special edition beer.

According to the brew master, “Jeff is a part owner of a blueberry farm.” Given that scenario, and the fact that “he knew that he wanted to do a Berliner beer, a German wheat beer,” the pairing made sense.

In this beer, the blueberries are added during the fermentation process. The end result is a refreshing, easy drinking beer.

Spike said, “it’s a little bit sweet from the blueberry flavor and it is just this very nice easy drinking 5 percent alcohol Berliner.”

His description of the beer is definitely on point. It is a very easy drinking beer. Recently, I had the opportunity to try the Frenchy’s Blues. While I enjoyed the beer on a quiet afternoon, it went down very easily.

Even on a hot day, it was refreshing but more importantly the beer wasn’t too sweet. The sourness from the Berliner style balanced the sweetness from the blueberries. Each sip proved more refreshing.

Still, this particular craft beer is slightly different from other Berliner style beers. The 5% alcohol level is a little surprising. A typical Berliner is usually around 3%. Spike mentioned that the higher alcohol level was intentional.

Just like on the baseball diamond, Francoeur wanted to be the best. Since Terrapin Beer had previously worked with Chipper Jones on a beer, Francoeur wanted to out shine his former rival.

Spike said, “The truth behind that is that last year when Chipper Jones got inducted, his beer came in at 4.9 ABV. Well Jeff wanted to one up Chipper, so the beer had to be at 5% so he could be point one over Chipper.”

While the story behind the ABV level is entertaining, the beer isn’t overwhelming. It still goes down smooth and is quite drinkable.

Since I always love a good beer pairing, I asked Spike what he would serve with this particular beer. He recommended a “nice cheese plate with blue cheese and sharp cheddar.” Also, he thought that some of the barbecue dishes served at the Brew Lab would be good, especially the “vinegar based sauces.”

After trying this beer myself, I would recommend grilled herb chicken or even a beer-can chicken with an arugula salad. The beer can stand up to a robust dish, even a hearty shrimp and grits could be an interesting choice.

The release of this beer is a smart choice for Terrapin. In addition to building on its connection to Braves baseball, the slightly lower ABV and fruit infused flavors are a growing trend in the beer industry. Beer fans want variety. By having options under a single brand, beer drinkers can stay with the brewery that they know and trust.

At the same time, Terrapin doesn’t lose sight of who it is. Spike understands that trends ebb and flow but Terrapin stays true to its vision. Inspiration has, and will continue to, come from its local roots. A look at some of its ingredients, like the use of local honey, proves that commitment.

Terrapin wants to be that beer brand that goes with its fans anywhere and everywhere. From the can that you take to a ball game to the beer that you serve at your family cookout, Terrapin has a loyal following and continues to over-deliver in giving those fans what they expect.

Terrapin Beer has, and continues to be, a labor of love for Spike. Beer fans should look forward to more great things from this brewery. After speaking to him and enjoying the Frenchy’s Blues, I know that this weekend’s cookout will be serving some of his tasty craft beers.

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Have you had a Terrapin Beer? Which one is your favorite brew?