From 407 Date Nights to Mother’s Day, Orlando restaurants are ready to re-open

(Photo by Brian Cleary)
(Photo by Brian Cleary) /

The usually bustling Orlando streets have been quiet. Now, Orlando restaurants are getting ready to welcome guests back to their open tables.

Ready to get out of the house? Orlando restaurants are starting to welcome guests back to the table. From Mother’s Day weekend to 407 Date Nights to even some popular travel destinations, it is time to enjoy a day out with the family.

Usually Spring in Orlando is bustling. Due to the current climate, theme parks have sat empty, restaurants have been quiet and everyone has been wondering when can life get back to a little sense of normal. With some current restrictions being lifted, many local establishments are preparing to welcome guests back with open arms.

According to various reports. Universal Orlando City Walk will begin to open some of its restaurants starting next week. While all the specifics have yet to be fully revealed, it is a positive for those people who are craving an over the top milkshake, great bourbon cocktail or just a place to enjoy a beautiful Orlando day.

Also, Disney Springs is said to start opening some locations later this month. While there will be restrictions associated with re-opening, it is a positive note. For many people, they are ready to venture out of the house and are willing to accept the parameters.

Looking around International Drive, the popular Café Tu Tu Tango is opening on Mother’s Day weekend. A special Mother’s Day menu will be available with options for either two or our guests. The menu includes some of the restaurants most popular dishes.

Additionally, Mia’s Italian Kitchen will be serving guests. Using its sister restaurant’s kitchen, (Café Tu Tu Tango), the Mia’s Italian Kitchen Mother’s Day menu will be available for two or four guests. The menu consists of Italian favorites like Steak Pizzaiola and Chicken Parmigiana.

Lastly, Visit Orlando has started the idea of 407 Date nights. Even though these ideas are virtual experiences, everyone can get some delicious restaurant takeout and enjoy a night with a loved one. Even if you don’t have a white table cloth at home, you can make a special event just like your favorite Orlando restaurants.

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What are some of your favorite Orlando restaurants? What foods are you craving?