A banana playing a tune? A Chiquita banana plays more than its classic jingle

Chiquita banana interactive stickers, photo provided by Chiquita/Spotify
Chiquita banana interactive stickers, photo provided by Chiquita/Spotify /

Do you remember the Chiquita banana classic jingle? Now, those tasty bananas can play more than just the praises of eating a ripe banana.

For many people, a Chiquita banana is part of their daily routine. While back when the original 1945 Chiquita jingle debuted, people needed some assistance on ripening bananas and recipes. Now, everyone likes a good banana, and maybe a new tune to play while enjoying it.

Now, Chiquita has joined forces with Spotify for some Chiquita-inspired playlists and a few remixes of the classic Chiquita jingle. Whether you are feeling a little nostalgic or ready to get moving, these Chiquita-approved playlists will make any day feel like a top banana.

Anyone who has bought produce, especially a banana, knows that there is a sticker on the bunch. Of course, it is the way that you pay for those bananas, but it can be a little more.

The interactive Chiquita Blue Sticker series are five limited-edition stickers that reveals some special Spotify play lists. The playlists are: Feeling Happy, Tropical Vibes, Smile Workout, Classics and Cook & Dance. Each playlist not only conveys a theme but also has a variety of songs that complement that theme.

While everyone has as favorite playlist choice, the Cook & Dance option is perfect for the home cook. Many people enjoy playing some music while they cook. Maybe it is recipe inspiration or maybe it is just a little entertainment, but a few good tunes in the background can make the cooking experience quite enjoyable.

This playlist is described as a vibrant singalong with Latin elements. While you could sing “fruit salad, yummy, yummy,” these songs are a little more entertaining. It could have you wanting to whip up some Caribbean style dinners or maybe even a little sweet dessert.

In the end, these Chiquita bananas with the special Spotify playlist stickers are a reminder that food and music are often intertwined. Whether you play music while cooking or listen to a tune during dinner, the connection between all elements in life is always happening.

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Do you remember the classic Chiquita banana jingle? What music do you listen to when you cook?