Cooking bacon debate: Should you use the oven or skillet?

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(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for New York Magazine) /

From the sizzle to the aroma, bacon might be the perfect food. Still, a big question looms, the cooking bacon debate; should use you the oven or a skillet to cook bacon.

It is a simple question – is cooking bacon better in the oven or in a skillet? Everyone has their preferred way to cook bacon. Putting aside the other bacon debate of crispy versus chewy, the best cooking method has recently come under question. With more people cooking at home, is there really an answer to this cooking question?

As more people are cooking at home, people are searching for the best recipes. While copycat recipes are very popular, classic cooking methods are important for those newbies who are just starting to explore the kitchen. Even the person who couldn’t boil water is ready to whip up some of those favorite craveable dishes.

Although comfort foods offer a satisfying bite, other foods and recipes are filling the kitchen with delicious aromas. Just like the old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, breakfast foods are trending, according to Chicory.

Even though making donuts at home can be tricky, other classic breakfast foods and sides are easier to make. Since many people believe that everything is better with bacon, that tasty slice of fried goodness can be the extra bite that is irresistible.

Although some people put bacon in the microwave, the two most preferred ways of cooking bacon are in a skillet or in the oven. While both methods can offer perfectly crispy bacon, which one should you use?

A skillet is often the more traditional way to cook bacon. The downside to this method is the extra fat that is rendered during cooking. If you are not careful, that fat can splatter the stove (or your hand). This method does take constant watching. No one wants burnt bacon.

Cooking bacon in the oven is a less hands on approach. A couple of hacks are important with this cooking method. First, it is best to have the bacon spaced out on the pan. Second, a broiler pan or a crisper pan can be a great kitchen tool. The slats in the pan help the fat drain and keeps the bacon crispy.

Everyone can agree to disagree with the best way to cook bacon. The best part of this cooking debate is cooking bacon because you have to eat all the experimenting.

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Do you have a cooking tip, hack or trick to share? More important, what is your preferred way to cook bacon?