Amy Schumer Learns to Cook makes you feel more confident in the kitchen

Amy Schumer Learns to Cook, photo provided by Food Network
Amy Schumer Learns to Cook, photo provided by Food Network /

Sometimes celebrities are not perfect. In Amy Schumer Learns to Cook, home cooks have a new appreciation for the statement everyone can cook.

The new Food Network show, Amy Schumer Learns to Cook is a new concept for the food programming channel. While many people will watch for a glimpse into Amy’s kitchen, there is a bigger concept to this humorous take on cooking. Anyone can, and should, learn how to cook.

Self-shot, during quarantine, the show, Amy Schumer Learns to Cook, features Amy and her James Beard Award winning husband, Chris Fischer. With a little help from the nanny on some of the cameras, the husband and wife tackle some tasty dishes. While not everything goes according to plan, Amy is happy to shake up a cocktail. (Did you know that she was once a bartender?)

Since it is a Food Network show, there are a lot of tasty dishes, especially with a chef like Chris in the kitchen. He can whip up amazing chicken wings, a perfectly poached egg or even a tasty taco.

Still, this show isn’t a typical cooking show. Anyone who has tried to cook with a spouse understands that event can be both good and bad. Do you ever want to tell you spouse that he cut the onions wrong or had the skillet’s heat too high? Of course, not.

Add to that scenario cameras in the kitchen, it is a testament to this couple that they are willing to give viewers this glimpse. Of course, not everything is peaches and cream, but neither is real life.

Although foodies will want to watch for Chris’ recipes, there is a big takeaway from each episode that is not the food. Amy and Chris spend time talking about their favorite memories. Whether it is a favorite trip that they took, talking about moments with their son or just favorite foods that they enjoy, these moments are relatable.

Most people watching do not have cameras in the kitchen, a chef spouse or a famous spouse. Everyone does have a special memory around the table. From grandma’s Sunday sauce to those bananas foster pancakes for Mother’s Day to even that first dinner where you kid didn’t say yuck, memories and food are often intertwined.

If you watch Amy Schumer Learns to Cook maybe you learn how to make fried rice, latkes or even a twist on an Old Fashion. More importantly, it might remind you to get into the kitchen and create some memories with the people you love. Those moments will linger long after the smell of garlic has disappeared from the kitchen.

Amy Schumer Learns to Cook airs on the Food Network on Mondays at 10 p.m. EST.

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Are you going to watch this new Food Network show? Would you want your spouse to teach you how to cook?