Social Club Seltzer, Anheuser-Busch revitalizes classic cocktails

Social Club Seltzer, a premium hard seltzer by Anheuser-Busch
Social Club Seltzer, a premium hard seltzer by Anheuser-Busch /

Sometimes even a classic deserves an update. Social Club Seltzer brings Anheuser-Busch into the hard seltzer with its take on classic cocktails.

Anheuser-Busch is ready to fill a gap in the hard seltzer market. Social Club Seltzer takes its inspiration from some classic cocktails. Instead of getting out the cocktail shaker, it is time to crack open a can. After a few sips, this new hard seltzer option could become the must have beverage for the summer.

Over the past several years, the hard seltzer market has grown substantially. Reports state that these alcoholic beverages have grown by 300% in just the past year. Whether it is the lower calories, ABV or particular flavors, many people are drawn to these canned alcoholic beverages.

While there has been a surge in hard seltzer popularity, there was a gap in the market. The majority of hard seltzers tend to be fruit forward. Some people prefer a beverage with more of a classic cocktail twist. Whether it is an apertif, pairing with a meal or an after dinner drink, some classic cocktail flavors are warranted.

The new Social Club Seltzer is Anheuser-Busch’s hard seltzer that draws inspiration from three classic cocktails. In a way, these canned beverages revitalize three classic cocktails with a hard seltzer twist.

The three flavors in the Social Club Seltzer are Old Fashioned, Sidecar and Citrus Gimlet. While not a canned cocktail, the hard seltzer uses the flavor profiles of the classic cocktails. From the citrus and juniper in the Gimlet or the oak, orange notes in the Old Fashioned, each sip satisfies from beginning to end.

Recently, I had the opportunity to ask Lana Kouznetsov, VP of Beyond Beer, Anheuser-Busch, some questions about the new beverage line. Since these beverages are quite different for hard seltzers, it was curious why this gap was important to fill.

Kouzentsov said, “Social Club Seltzer is a modern take on a classic cocktail, with the same complex flavors but added light refreshment of a seltzer. It meets a need in the premium hard seltzer market for more refined flavors.”

With so many classic cocktails that could have been used, these cocktails focus on three specific spirit focused cocktails, gin, whiskey and cognac. To narrow down the options, Kouzentsov said, “We tried multiple cocktails within each category and finally chose the cocktails with flavor profiles that would translate well into a refreshing, hard seltzer twist.”

While the flavors are refined, it is approachable. Sometimes, the more potent cocktail may not be the best option. Anheuser-Busch has found a way to appeal to those cocktail lovers flavor preference yet offer a new approach.

Specially, Kouzentsov believes “While Social Club isn’t meant to replace cocktails completely, cocktail lovers will definitely be intrigued by Social Club because of the lower ABV than their typical go-to. These drinkers have not yet had their preferences met in the hard seltzer space and have been looking for something more elevated. With only 7% ABV and 150 calories, Social Club Seltzer has a refreshing appeal and offers the tastes they love in more occasions than they got from hard liquor-based cocktails.”

Looking at the three options, there will be many ways to enjoy the Social Club Seltzer. From a leisurely afternoon to a pairing with a special dinner, the variety that these hard seltzers offer is great.

Specifically, Kouzentsov made the following recommendations. “For example, Old Fashioned is a popular steakhouse cocktail as the smoky notes pair well with steak. Citrus Gimlet is bright and citrus forward and pairs well with lighter, summer dishes. Sidecar, which its warmer notes, is great with darker chocolate and more bitter flavors. In all, we strove to deliver a range of flavors that work for most occasions.”

As the Social Club Seltzer hits store shelves, cocktail fans should take the opportunity to try these hard seltzers. It could become that go to drink when the cocktail shaker needs to stay on the bar shelf.

Social Club Seltzer is sold in individual flavor 6-packs as well as a 12-pack variety flavor. Each can is 150 calories and a 7% ABV. The three flavors are Old Fashioned, Sidecar and Citrus Gimlet.

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What do you think of the new Social Club Seltzer? Are you ready to try one?