Angela Ruch is a triple threat who is ready to take life in the fast lane

Angela Ruch, photo provided by 5W Public Relations
Angela Ruch, photo provided by 5W Public Relations /

Leading laps at Daytona might seem like dream, but for Angela Ruch it is part of her reality. The race car driver, mom and television personality has a lot going on behind the wheel.

In many ways, Angela Ruch epitomizes the idea of a triple threat. Behind the wheel of a NASCAR Truck, Ruch paved the way for future female drivers. While leading laps at Daytona might have been a lofty dream for many young women, Ruch proved that it can be anyone’s reality.

But, reality doesn’t end with the race car engine shuts off. With her husband, Mike Ruch, they invite fans into their personal life via The Ruch Life. While the Facebook Watch show might have some too real moments, she is willing to open herself up to her fans. Her life isn’t lived in continual left turns.

As a mother of two newborns, Ruch has to learn to appreciate life’s moments. While some days might be filled with excitement and glamour, other days are focused on those inevitable real-life duties. In the end, she handles all those moments with a sense of gratitude, appreciation and an understanding that life is about balance.

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Ruch about her new reality show, The Ruch Life, some healthy eating tips and some of her guilty pleasures.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch The Ruch Life, Angela Ruch describes it as “an inside look into my racing career along with my transition into parenthood as we get ready to adopt two newborn babies (which was at the time of filming). The show really covers it all! From being on the racetrack at Daytona to my very first moments with my son King.”

After so many people enjoyed the show, Ruch decided to expand the concept. Now she “launched a podcast as an extension of the show on Facebook and YouTube, where we chat about current trending topics and speak with celebrities and athletes about what’s going on in the world today.”

As an athlete, mom and entrepreneur, Ruch has a lot on her plate. Still, she understands and encourages moms to take care of themselves. She said, she “make(s) it a priority to train every day for at least an hour, and I run anywhere from 5 to 7 miles at least five days week. Whether I have to sneak in a workout before the kids wake up, or throw one in during the middle of day, despite the craziness, I always make sure I get my workout in.”

While those workouts offer balance and a moment to herself, she has to be ready for the next big competition. Even though she might like to enjoy her favorite cheat food, “salted pretzels from Auntie Annes” or a “Grey Goose pickle martini,” those items are balanced with other smart choices.

With many people worried about the Quarantine 15, Ruch has been trying to stay on top of healthy eating. For Ruch, she said that “my fridge is always stocked up (with) lots of veggies and fruits. Varieties of colorful peppers are the daily snack in The Ruch house, as well as cucumbers, which we snack on for breakfast, lunch and dinner..”

Recently, Ruch embarked on a 21 day cleanse. While that idea might sound like a good choice during quarantine, sticking to the plan can often be challenging. She said, “The hardest part about doing a 21 day cleanse, specifically in quarantine, is that I am constantly surrounded by food everywhere in my house, making me always want to eat! But honestly, I would say the most difficult part is the first three days, then after that your body starts to get used to it, and it definitely gets easier. My body eventually starts to crave healthier foods.”

Overall, the Ruch family tries to be mindful in their eating and lifestyle choices. During the current situation, she has found that “it has actually made me want to be more fit and eat healthier. A great way to make some smart choices during this quarantine is cooking at home and finding healthier recipes that the family can do together! In addition to that, we have incorporated long walks and runs into our daily lifestyle.”

As an athlete, Ruch needs to be mindful of her lifestyle choices. In order to perform well on race day, she needs to be at her best. Although Ruch admitted that she doesn’t have “any crazy rituals.” She does try to be in bed early, “which has changed a bit lately now that I have two kids!”

And, on race morning, she said, “I try to eat a pretty big breakfast with coffee and then it’s off to the race track for a long day. Usually on race day, I try to stay as relaxed as possible because sometimes I tend to get anxious and then that’s when mistakes happen on racetrack! As far as after a race, I try to have a two hour massage set up the next day to help with feeling sore after a long race!”

While Angela Ruch might not say that she has it all, she is definitely a triple threat. From her accomplishments on the race track to her family life, The Ruch Life is full.

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The Ruch Life can be seen on Facebook Watch. Additionally, she has a YouTube channel and podcast.