Kate Hudson launches King St. Vodka, a perfect martini is a pour away


A love of a good dirty martini propelled Kate Hudson to develop King St. Vodka. Is your palate ready for this new vodka?

Quality, taste and smoothness are all qualities to describe the new King St. Vodka, which is being launched by Kate Hudson. This labor of love is more than just an impeccable vodka. It is an invitation to gather friends, to shake up a great martini and to make some endearing memories.

Sitting on a shelf, a vodka may look simple. The clear liquid in a bottle can’t hide behind barrels and complicated aging processes. Quality ingredients and distilling develop the spirit’s final flavor.

Since everyone has a flavor preference, various vodkas have different appeals. Just like with other foods, some people like bold and brash and others prefer subtle and nuanced. Finding a brand that fits your preferred flavor profile is key.

The new King St. Vodka was developed out of Kate Hudson’s love of vodka martinis. The successful actress and businesswoman say this niche as a challenge that she was willing to embrace. Why couldn’t she have a vodka that appealed not only to her flavor preferences but also to her sense of style.

Hudson said, “I have always found the spirits industry fascinating, and I love Dirty Vodka Martinis. The creative side of me thought it would be a fun challenge to develop a vodka for my palate, and in a beautiful package that I would love to have on my bar and share with friends.”

Kate Hudson unveils her new project, King St. Vodka, photo provided by King St. Vodka

Looking at the King St. Vodka, this spirit delivers these qualities. This small batch, seven times distilled vodka seeks to do something different. The alkaline water and gluten-free characteristics add to the smoothness of each sip.

While this vodka can be drunk neat, it is intended to be the center of the celebration in an impeccable cocktail. From a simple evening with friends to a huge gathering, the next martini could become the memory to last long after the last drop is drunk.

King St. Vodka looks to express a lifestyle choice. The brand says that is it focused on the “constant renewal of spirit.” While one cocktail may not hold the meaning of life, the joy of bringing people together over a drink needs to be celebrated. If this brand can encourage making those memories, it should gain a loyal following.

Across the spirits industry, there are several celebrity driven brands. From gin to tequila to wine and everything in between, some people are initially drawn to a brand because of the celebrity affiliation. While that connection might drive the first purchase, the taste, quality and superior product drives purchase after purchase. With this new vodka, the quality should bring people back time and again.

King St. Vodka will retail for $24.99. The first launch will be at BevMo in California, followed by availability at select retailers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island. Additionally, it will be available online at kingstvodka.com.

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Are you ready to shake things up during your next cocktail party? Open a bottle of King St. Vodka and taste the difference.