Focus on Quality over Quantity with Belvedere Vodka and Martha Stewart

Martha Martini, Belvedere’s Classic Martini. Photo Courtesy Belvedere Vodka
Martha Martini, Belvedere’s Classic Martini. Photo Courtesy Belvedere Vodka /

On World Cocktail Day, Belvedere Vodka and Martha Stewart are shaking up some cocktails with the focus on being Quality over Quantity.

Sometimes a perfectly mixed cocktail has a person savoring every last sip. On World Cocktail Day, Belvedere Vodka, Martha Stewart and Belvedere Brand Education Manager, Alice Farquhar will be sharing some their thoughts on the idea of Quality over Quantity via the Belvedere Instagram account.

Even though people may not want to admit it, there have been occasions where more cocktails were consumed than necessary. From a special celebration or just too much enjoyment during that virtual happy hour, an over-indulgent night can happen.

On those questionable moments, some people might have made choices they have regretted. Even Martha  has recently admitted to drunk tweeting (it might have been too many of her special martinis) Still, it can be better to sip more cautiously.

On World Cocktail Day, Belvedere Vodka is launching the concept, Quality over Quantity. Belvedere believes that consumers are wanting to connect with brands that are focusing on the craft of the spirit. From quality ingredients to a long tradition, those differences matter to many people.

For example, Belvedere is made from on only three ingredients, “100% traceable Polska rye, pure water, and distilled by fire, contains zero additives, is certified kosher.” Additionally, it adhere to the legal regulations of Polska vodka, which mandated no additives.

On the Belvedere Instagram page, Martha and Alice Farquhar will be mixing a special cocktail to showcase the idea of Quality over Quantity.

Here’s how to make the Belvedere Berry Zest.

"BELVEDERE BERRY ZESTIngredients:1.5 oz Belvedere1 oz fresh lemon juice¼ oz honey4 blackberries1 cup iceMethod:Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Serve in a coupe or rocks glass and garnish with a blackberry."

While not a traditional martini, this cocktail could be perfect for a quiet afternoon or a leisurely evening at home. The idea isn’t that a person needs to drink 3 cocktails, just one can satisfy.

If you would like to join the conversation, head to the Belvedere Instagram page. You do not have to have a cocktail on hand to enjoy the event, but you might learn some tricks for your next cocktail hour.

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What is your favorite vodka cocktail? Do you think that Quality over Quantity is a good concept?