Steve Aoki, CHIPS AHOY and Sour Patch Kids host the sweetest prom ever

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Get that tux and prom dress ready. Steve Aoki, CHIPS AHOY and Sour Patch Kids are hosting the sweetness prom ever and you are invited.

Are you ready for a sweet promposal? Steve Aoki, CHIPS AHOY, and Sour Patch Kids want students to get a chance to have their prom moment. The sweetest prom ever could better than the actual event. Who needs a hotel ballroom and some punch when you can have the triple threat of sweetness?

For many people, the high school prom is a rite of passage. Whether it is a Pretty in Pink moment or something more epic, those memories mean a lot. Unfortunately, proms have disappeared like that Members Only jacket trend.

While there might not be the traditional prom, many companies are finding ways to create events to fill the gap. This sweetest prom ever gives some students the opportunity to have a once in a lifetime prom experience.

To create this special event, Steve Aoki partnered with CHIPS Ahoy and Sour Patch Kids to host a virtual prom. Held on May 23, starting at 9 p.m. EST, “Steve Aoki’s YouTube channel, as well as the CHIPS AHOY! and SOUR PATCH KIDS YouTube, Instagram and Twitter channels,” will host this virtual event. The prom will last approximately 45 minutes.

In addition to this live event, 1,000 students age 17-20 could win a super special prom experience. According to the brand, students could win special access to the “virtual prom party through an interactive viewing platform by entering the Sweetest Prom Ever Sweepstakes at”

While this virtual event might not have brooding chaperones in the corner, Aoki fans might want to have their own cake smashing moment at home. Just don’t wear a rented tux while smashing cake. The cleaning fee could be outrageous.

Aoki said, “Music is a great way to bring people together during tough times and I’m stoked to partner with CHIPS AHOY! and SOUR PATCH KIDS to bring high schoolers an epic night they won’t forget.”

Recently, CHIPS AHOY and Sour Patch Kids team up for a new cookie flavor experience. The combination of that iconic sour gummy candy and the classic chocolate chip cookie had people running to the store to find a box.

The flavor combination is unlike any other cookie on the market. One part sweet, the other part sour, each bite is like a flavor adventure.

The most unique part about these cookies is the Sour Patch gummy chips. This idea could change chocolate chip cookies forever.

If are looking for the sweetest prom ever, join the fun on May 23. Even if you are a little farther removed from high school, you can watch too. Maybe it is the perfect excuse to eat come CHIPS AHOY and reminisce about the good old days.

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