Pepsi makes it easy for people to wear their support for the restaurant industry

New Pepsi metchandise benefiting Restaurant Employee Relief provided by Pepsi
New Pepsi metchandise benefiting Restaurant Employee Relief provided by Pepsi /

Even when you are not eating at your favorite restaurant, Pepsi is giving foodies a way to support them. Are you ready to wear your support?

Supporting the restaurant industry can come in many ways. Pepsi is making it even easier to show that people are standing up for all those workers who help bring food to the table. From the line cook to the waitress, the restaurant industry is more than the stories on the news. Just like the restaurant that is part of the community, these employees are people that are part of everyone’s lives.

As previously reported the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund (RERF) has raised over $22M in funds. While Guy Fieri has been the face of this charitable fund, he isn’t the only person who has helped raise awareness to the cause. With the support of many companies, brands and organizations, restaurant workers of all levels are obtaining some financial assistance during these difficult times.

With so many restaurants closed, and sometimes permanently closed, many restaurant employees face an uncertain future. Although everyone hopes that the tables will be filled again, it will not be like turning on a light switch. Between new seating configurations to guests being comfortable eating out, the road ahead will be a long one.

In the meantime, many organizations are finding ways to support the restaurant industry in creative ways. While supporting a local restaurant is always a good idea, there are other ways too.

Many people will watch the Guy Fieri and Bill Murray Nacho Average Showdown, the support doesn’t have to end when the winner is crowned. Why not make a statement of support by wearing it?

On John Krasinski’s Some Good News show, he told Guy Fieri about PepsiCo’s additional $3 million commitment to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund. In addition, his daughters unveiled a special Pepsi shirt to mark the occasion.

Now, that special t-shirt is can be your way of supporting the restaurant industry. The special t-shirt can be purchased at According to PepsiCo, “100% of the proceeds will be donated to the RERF.”

Whether you buy a t-shirt or a tote bag, that purchase can spread some good news long after the purchase, too. It can be a reminder that everyone can do their part and find a way to support each other. From a kind word to a making a purchase, every positive action can and does make a difference.

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Have you been impacted by the changes to the restaurant industry?