Disney’s Halfway to Halloween is a reason to enjoy Halloween inspired treats

(Photo by Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort via Getty Images)
(Photo by Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort via Getty Images) /

Forget about swimming pools, Disney’s Halfway to Halloween celebration is the perfect reason to make some Halloween inspired treats. Are you ready for a sweet treat?

Although summer is around the corner, Disney’s Halfway to Halloween celebration is here. Even though some people might think that the world is cast under a spell from one of those villains, creating some Disney Magic Moments at home can make any day a little brighter.

On the Disney Parks Blog, the Disney team is sharing ways to bring a little spooky Halloween-inspired fun to your home. Whether it is creating your own Madame Leonta crystal ball or just playing some Haunted Mansion sounds during lunchtime, a little spooky can offer a break from the daily grind.

Also, if you have some left over Easter candy (no judgments if you do), why not let the kids do some trick or treating around the house. Set up some stations in rooms around the house. It could be a fun way to break up the monotony.

Since FoodSided is all about the food, the Halloween recipes caught our attention. From Jack Skellington cookies to pumpkin creme brulee, there are tons of options.

Also, Disney Parks Blog has a variety of candy apple recipes. From a classic Mickey inspired pumpkin to a Poison Skull, there is an option for everyone.


While Disney’s Halfway to Halloween has made their suggestions to bring a little Disney Magic Moments at home, everyone can be inspired to create their own Halloween-inspired treats. Although it might not be time to break out the pumpkin spice, other treats could bring some fun in the kitchen.

For example, during last year’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, the Cruella’s Hide-a-Way Party had delicious sweet treats that had a little wicked (yet tasty) twist. Drawing on these treats as inspiration, it could be a fun way to celebrate the Halfway to Halloween occasion.

With more people baking, why not use a dog shaped cookie cutter to make some doggie-bone shaped shortbread cookies. With an edible marker, you can add little sayings. From Kanine Krunchies to Dog-gone-good, there are many possible word plays.

Even if you do not want to get the flour, sugar and butter all over the kitchen, there are many possibilities that do not require the oven at all. If you are mixing up some Mickey Waffles, add a little food coloring to the mix. While you might not want black (like the one’s at Mickey’s No So Scary Halloween party), you could go with orange.

Last, but not least, today could be the day to celebrate candy corn. Although candy corn is one of the most controversial candies, you could take a different approach by focusing on the layers and colors of the infamous candy.

For example, recently Disney shared a recipe for a frozen pineapple treat. That frozen treat has a bright yellow color. Why not create a parfait with some orange sherbet, frozen pineapple treat and a coconut sherbet. The tri-colored parfait looks like a candy corn, but it is quite refreshing.

With Disney’s Halfway to Halloween celebration, it is the perfect time to have a little spirited fun. From reminiscing about all those Disney Parks memories to looking forward to future ones, those Disney Magic Moments are always in season.

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What are your favorite Halloween memories at Disney Parks? What are magical memories are you looking forward to making?