Hershey’s DC Super Hero Milk Chocolate Bar is here for all superheroes

Hershey's DC Super Hero Bars, photo provided by Hershey's
Hershey's DC Super Hero Bars, photo provided by Hershey's /

While Superman might soar, real life superheroes make a difference every day and they get a taste of new Hershey’s DC Super Hero Milk Chocolate Bar.

Sometimes a piece of candy can make the difference in someone’s day. Although the new Hershey’s DC Super Hero Milk Chocolate Bar will hit store shelves this summer, some real-life superheroes got a special taste test of these Hershey’s chocolate bars.

As everyone knows, first responders are the worlds real-life superheroes. While those brave men and women might not wear capes or have other worldly superpowers, they exemplify the strength and determination that is far greater than any comic book character.

To celebrate these superheroes, Hershey’s is giving first responders a special delivery of the new Hershey’s DC Super Hero Milk Chocolate Bar. Featuring various DC characters on the label, the chocolate bars themselves have some iconic symbols pressed into the chocolate. From Superman to Wonder Woman, the chocolate is ready to say BAM.

Last year, Hershey’s offered emoji chocolate bars. The little chocolate squares had a variety of emoji expressions. Everyone had their favorite and used them to express themselves.

This DC Super Hero version will have everyone clamoring to buy several bags. It will be interesting to see if one DC Super Hero significantly outsells others. Secretly, I’m hoping that Wonder Woman takes down all those guys.

Still, Hershey has been honoring all the superheroes in everyone’s lives. As seen in this video, candy can be the moment of happiness in times of need.

The video ends with a quote from Milton Hershey. “The more closely we work together, the more effectively we can contribute to the better health of all mankind.”

That sentiment is seen throughout the video. More importantly, the concept is practiced through Hershey’s actions. From donating candy to helping the community, everyone is working together to make a difference.

When the Hershey’s DC Super Hero Chocolate Bar hits your local store, why not buy an extra couple of chocolate bars to give to a superhero in your life. From the school teacher to the delivery person to the neighbor who always waves when you run past, share a little smile and keep working together towards a better tomorrow.

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Are you excited for the new Hershey’s DC Super Chocolate Bar? Do you know a local superhero who deserves a sweet treat?