Dairy Queen adds new non-dairy Dilly Bar to satisfy more sweet cravings

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Summer and Dairy Queen are a perfect pair. The new non-dairy Dilly Bar means that even more people can enjoy the DQ Treat Collection.

When the summer weather hits, Dairy Queen sweet treats are the perfect indulgence. The new non-dairy Dilly Bar is joins the DQ Treat Collection. By adding this new option, even more guests can have an opportunity to enjoy this iconic treat.

Non-dairy frozen treats are becoming more popular. From updating old school favorites to innovative ideas, consumers want options. Non-dairy choices are part of the food landscape.

According to Dairy Queen, the non-dairy Dilly Bar “is made with coconut cream and covered in a delicious crunchy chocolatey coating.” The coconut cream makes this frozen treat both vegan and gluten free. Through creative ingredient innovation, the classic DQ treat gets an update.

Available now, the non-dairy version of the Dilly Bar can be purchased both in a single-serve option as well as a 6-pack multi-pack. With the start of summer around the corner, it could be the perfect time to stock the freezer.

If this new flavor innovation isn’t tempting, other items on the DQ Treat Collection could be your summer must haves. From dipped cones to a slush, there is an option for every craving.

For many people, the Cotton Candy Dipped Cone is summer-time perfection. While the bright blue color is a feast for the eyes, the cotton candy flavor brings out the kid in everyone. In some ways, this frozen treat can make you think of all those memories at the summer fair.

The dipped cones have been a DQ staple as much as the iconic Blizzard. Some people perfer that creamy soft serve with just a touch of candy coating. Plus, it is always a marvel how that little twist is always on top of the cone.

Still, ice cream desserts aren’t the only options on the DQ Treat Collection. Many younger guests are drawn to the vibrant Lemonade Twisty Misty Slush. The layers of swirling colors are almost hypnotic. With flavors of blue raspberry, lemon line and lemonade, each sip combines sweet and tart.

DQ has been part of many people’s summertime fun. There is something about those iconic treats that just make happy taste so good. Is your red spoon ready for some DQ?

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What are your favorite DQ treats? Are you excited that DQ added the non-dairy Dilly Bar?