Lay’s wants everyone to celebrate Joy Givers in their community

Lay's Joy Givers program, photo provided by Lay's
Lay's Joy Givers program, photo provided by Lay's /

Lay’s has always celebrated the power of a smile. With the new #JoyGivers initiative, it is time to celebrate all those people who bring a joy to their community.

Sometimes those little moments make a significant difference. Lay’s has always believed that simple, joyful moments are important. Whether is it sharing a smile while holding a bag of chips or adding a note of encouragement in school lunch box, all those little moments can add up to something significant.

Recently, PepsiCo, the parent company of Lay’s, has made it a priority to help others during these difficult times. Whether it is wearing support of the restaurant employees on your sleeve or cheering during the Nacho Average Showdown, these moments of happiness can make every day seem more bearable.

The newest initiative, #JoyGivers, celebrates every day people who bring joy to their communities. From that costume parade down your street to bringing dinner to your neighbor, all positive acts, big and small, can be that moment of happy. Even in the most trying times, joy can make the world seem less scary.

Check out this video from Lay’s.

As seen in the video, Lay’s will donate “$50 to Feeding America for every social post with #JoyGivers.” The hope is to get at least 20,000 #JoyGivers to share their happy and donate up to $1 million by July 12.

Even though this crisis has been difficult, one aspect has made those long days of sheltering at home more bearable. Watching the creativity, ingenuity and compassion of people shows that people can and will thrive.

Of course, everyone has had a good laugh over the zoom call pranks or creative sporting events. Still, those moments that bring smiles make everyone focus on the good parts of life. Sometimes when life gets overwhelming, those little moments are just what everyone needs. Think of it like a recess from back in elementary school.

Since Lay’s is looking for #JoyGivers, let everyone fill social media with that hashtag. Spreading kindness is a good type of contagious.

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Do you know a Joy Giver in your community? How are you sharing kindness in your life?