Betty Crocker makes birthday celebrations even more special

Betty Crocker Baking Kits, photo provided by Betty Crockers
Betty Crocker Baking Kits, photo provided by Betty Crockers /

Birthday celebrations with Betty Crocker are getting sweeter.

Betty Crocker and birthday celebrations have been a classic combination for decades. As more people discover the joy of baking, the iconic baking brand has become a pantry staple. Seeing that red spoon on the top of the box, everyone knows that a tasty treat will be coming from the oven.

With more people baking at home, birthday celebrations are often coming with a homemade birthday cake. From the decadent chocolate cake to a colorful, multi-layer option, the homemade birthday cake ensures that the birthday boy gets his special, customized treat. From covering every inch of icing with sprinkles to creating the picture perfect sugar roses, those homemade treats are a bite of creativity.

To help celebrate all those birthdays, Betty Crocker is giving away 1,000 birthday baking kits. These kits include a tasty cake mix, frosting and party décor. Basically, it is a complete birthday celebration in a box. The only thing missing is the birthday boy.

If you want to win on of these 1,000 birthday baking kits, visit the Betty Brings the Party Sweepstakes. While the kits are a great prize, another huge prize will be won by some lucky birthday celebrants.

Betty Crocker
Betty Crocker Baking Kits promotion, photo provided by Betty Crocker /

Win a birthday greeting from Kelly Rowland!

Five lucky grand prize winners will get a personalized birthday message from Kelly Rowland. Rowland has discovered her love of quarantine baking and she is ready to help celebrate all those quarantine birthdays.

For many people who are celebrating birthdays during social distancing, the little things make a difference. Whether it is a drive by birthday celebration, a special social media message or a homemade birthday cake, all that effort shows the person that their birthday is special.

Sure, people would love to have a huge party. But, the birthday is not about the party. It is a moment to celebrate the person and that idea can always happen.

Whether it is your birthday this summer or you just want an excuse to bake, grab a Betty Crocker baking mix and get into the kitchen. A celebration is what you bake it.

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How to you celebrate your birthday? Do you bake your own cake?