Krakatoa Hot Chips: Are you prepared for an explosion of flavor?

Krakatoa Hot Chips, photo by Cristine Struble
Krakatoa Hot Chips, photo by Cristine Struble /

Krakatoa Hot Chips will have your taste bud begging for mercy.

If you think flamin’ hot is just a little too tame, Krakatoa Hot Chips are here to boost that heat level. While the Scoville levels vary, these chips are not for the flavor adverse. If you dare to step up to the bowl, these flavorful potato chips will be your new obsession.

One of the most recent food trends is the spicy foods. Whether it is adding a few jalapenos to a recipe or exploring some Asian peppers, bland and boring food will not cut it. It isn’t that foodies want to overload their taste buds. Instead, they appreciate layers and nuance of various spices.

While flamin’ hot has been a many people’s snacking obsession, that fiery flavor is only one note. For many foodies, they want bolder choices and more creative options. Heat for heat’s sake has become the new bland.

Krakatoa Hot Chips offers a creative take on spicy chips. While these hot chips have varying Scoville levels of heat, another aspect is even more impressive. The flavor combinations that blend with the spicy notes make each bite a flavorful journey.

Additionally, since these hot chips are kettle chips, the flavors are more intense. Kettle chips absorb more flavor because of the way the chips are cooked.

Ready to open a bag of Krakatoa Hot Chips?

The flavors of hot chips in this line include: Black Magic, Kung Pow, Mustard’s Revenge, Hot Hot Honey Pot and Sour King. Even without each’s flavors individual description, it is clear that these chips are more that just a tingle on your tongue.

Before opening a bag of any of these hot chips, you need to know your tolerance level. If you are spice adverse, do not grab a bag of Black Magic. It will have you drinking a gallon of milk and potentially feeling the burn for a long time.

As a starter hot chip, the Hot Hot Honey Pot is a great choice. One of the lower Scoville level chips, the chip starts as slightly sweet and finishes with a nice kick. Not too aggressive, but definitely a little zip.

Truthfully, the Hot Hot Honey Pot is a perfect hamburger chip. If you put chips on your hamburger, this flavor is delicious. From the crunch to the sweet heat, it makes a hamburger even more satisfying.

For a different take on hot chips, Mustard’s Revenge is quite intriguing. Many people do not think about mustard and spiciness. This chip has a heat that hit quickly and offers a slow burn.

Krakatoa hot chips
Krakatoa Hot Chips, photo by Cristine Struble /

When trying to pair this hot chip, consider a hot dog or a good grilled brat. With the brat, the richness of the brat helps to cut through the heat of the chip. The whole bag might be gone by the end of the meal.

For the truly brave, the Black Magic is the most extreme hot chip. Described as Creole Heat with Ghost Pepper, it is a five on the Krakatoa scale. While there is a blend of peppers, it is extreme. Definitely try this hot chip with care. And, realize that you might feel after effects in the morning.

Overall, these Krakatoa Hot Chips are a great option to have in the pantry. Beyond the heat, the flavors are creative and make snacking fun. Sometimes a plain potato chip just doesn’t cut it.

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Krakatoa Hot Chips are available online and various retailers.

Are you ready for a flavor explosion? How hot do you like your snacks?