Skittles Pride Packs celebrate one colored rainbow

Skittles Pride Packs, photo provided by Skittles
Skittles Pride Packs, photo provided by Skittles /

The Skittles rainbow is proud to be just one color for Pride Month.

While you can taste the Skittles rainbow, the vibrant colors of that candy are looking quite different. In honor of Pride month, those colorful candies have gone colorless in this limited edition offering. In a way, all the colors are just one rainbow.

Recently announced, Skittles is releasing special packages of colorless candies in honor of Pride Month. These packages supports the #OneRainbow initiative. In addition to be a visual conversation starter, they are a charity fundraiser.

While the rainbow hues might be gone, the flavors remain the same. Each bag will have the classic flavors of strawberry, orange, grape, green apple and lemon.

While the elimination of the rainbow might have people doing a double take, the reason behind this one rainbow is a reason to buy an extra bag. In addition to celebrating Pride Month, purchases will benefit GLAAD.

When one of these one rainbow, colorless candy bags are purchased in June, $1 will be donated to GLAAD. Up to $100,000 will be donated to the organization.

Hank Izzo, Vice President of Marketing, Mars Wrigley U.S. said, “We believe that giving up our rainbow means so much more than just removing the colors from our Skittles packs and we’re excited to do our part in making a difference for the LGBTQ+ community through our partnership with GLAAD, not only in June, but all year long.”

Skittles, Pride Month
Skittles Pride Packs, photo provided by Skittles /

One Rainbow sparks a Pride Month conversation.

While the annual Pride Month celebrations might look differently this year, the conversations that can be had are even more important during the current climate. Through a bold modification to its iconic brand, Skittles is showing its support of the LGBTQ+ community.

Even though the rainbow has gone to one unified color, the individuality of each flavor is never lost. In a way, that nuance can spark an important conversation. Sometimes focusing on the similarities within everyone make the differences just disappear.

The Skittles colorless packages that support Pride Month are a limited edition launch. Packages will be available at CVS and select Walmart stores. A share size package will retail for $1.79 and a medium stand up pouch will retail for $2.59.

For Pride Month this year, let’s look beyond a colorful rainbow and see how everyone is part of one rainbow. Maybe these colorless Skittles could be that visual reminder to focus on everyone’s similarities not differences.

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Will you buy these limited edition Skittles? How do you think Pride Month will be different this year?