6 Smart grilling tips to keep your summer barbecue safe

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Smart grilling tips make for safe summer barbecues.

As summer barbecue season begins, these smart grilling tips will ensure that those flames flavor your food but not cause chaos in the backyard. While ordering from a local barbecue restaurant is an option, it can be even more enjoyable to man the flame yourself. Who is ready to get grilling?

In many ways, these grilling tips are straightforward. Just like smart cooking in the kitchen, smart grilling is relatively straightforward. Even if you are master griller, a few safety reminders are important. No one wants that tasty barbecue to be ruined by an errant flame.

Of course, even the safest griller doesn’t guarantee a tasty dinner. Still, these helpful reminders will ensure that the only point of discussion is the grill marks on the hamburger, not the missing eyebrows from a flare up.

6 smart grilling tips to remember during grilling season.

Grill outside

While this idea seems obvious, grilling should happen outside (Yes, indoor grills are different because they do not have an active flame). A flame inside the house is not a good choice. Ensuring plenty of space around the grill and an open air area is important. Remember, fire is dangerous and it should be respected.

Keep your grill clean

Just like you wouldn’t cook on a dirty stove, you do not want to cook on a dirty grill. For example, drippings from previous meals can cause flare ups.

While there are many cleaning tools, a wood grill brush works well. Try to avoid a brush with wire bristles. Those items can get stuck on grates and could be left on food. A wooden grill brush works best.

Big flame isn’t always best

Everyone has seen those movie scenes. Copious amount of lighter fluid might seem fun, but a huge flame can cause problems. Plus, you cannot cook on the grill to the flame is management. More importantly, who wants their meal to taste like lighter fluid. That flavor is not a food trend.

Dress the part

While you do not have to wear a chef coat, be cautious with your clothes choice. Flowing sleeves can be difficult. Long hair should be tied back. More importantly, shirts should be worn. Remember the old saying, not shirt no service. Even the Naked Chef would wear a shirt while grilling.

Be prepared

While no one wants a problem to happen, it is always best to be prepared. Having a fire extinguisher nearby is always a good idea. Just like in the kitchen, keep one by the grill.

Follow grill distancing

While social distancing is the new norm, grill distancing is a good rule of thumb, too. In addition to giving all the food room to cook, cross contamination can be a problem. For example, you do not want to put vegetables on a spot that had raw kitchen. Basically, follow the same rules as the kitchen when you are grilling.

While these smart grilling tips might not make you a barbecue master, they should keep you grilling all summer long. Once the basics are mastered, then you can move onto bigger tasks, like the perfect hamburger that will impress your dad.

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What smart grilling tips do you have to share? What is your biggest grilling mistake?