5 ways to enjoy the Summer of Gordon, Gordon Ramsay that is

West Sumatra, Indonesia - Gordon Ramsay of National Geographic's GORDON RAMSAY: UNCHARTED. (Credit: National Geographic/Ed Wray)
West Sumatra, Indonesia - Gordon Ramsay of National Geographic's GORDON RAMSAY: UNCHARTED. (Credit: National Geographic/Ed Wray) /

For Gordon Ramsay fans, it is the Summer of Gordon.

Looking for some cooking inspiration? The Summer of Gordon is here and Gordon Ramsay fans are ready to watch the fiery chef. While Fox is bringing back some favorite Gordon shows, there are two new ways to get your Gordon fix, too. Can you handle the heat?

While everyone is waiting for a new Hell’s Kitchen season or some additional kitchen nightmares, Fox is bringing back some classic Gordon shows for summer viewing. Whether you didn’t watch the first time or you want to brush up on your risotto skills, these Gordon-centric shows are back for another viewing.

Hell’s Kitchen is back, sort of.

While a new season of Hell’s Kitchen will not air till mid-season 2021, some classic episodes are making a comeback this summer. The All Stars season will begin airing this week.

Whether you remember this season or are going to watch the season for the first time, Hell’s Kitchen can help inspire the home cook in many ways. Although there is more critique than cooking, a few pointers can be found in the episodes.

If all else fails, the biggest takeaway from any Hell’s Kitchen episode is the importance of working as a team in a kitchen. Give everyone a task in the kitchen and that family dinner could be a breeze.

Hell’s Kitchen All Stars will air on Tuesdays.

MasterChef inspires home cooks.

Did you love last season of MasterChef? Sometimes watching a home cook create restaurant quality dish can get people excited to cook. While it might not be another banana bread recipe, MasterChef shows foodies that anyone can and should cook.

MasterChef Season 10 will air on Wednesdays.

24 Hours to Hell and Back

While many people are not dining out yet, this restaurant makeover show gives some insight into the stress of owning a restaurant. Although no one wants to see those dirty kitchens, 24 Hours to Hell and Back could be a reminder to support your local restaurant or it could stay closed forever.

24 Hours to Hell and Back will air on Tuesdays.

MasterChef: Dream Plate

Have you ever wanted to plate a MasterChef worthy dish? The new app allows anyone to channel her inner chef with this game.

In this app game, players compete to present MasterChef style dishes. In both a Mystery Box and a Pressure Test challenge, the players get two different chef experiences. The Mystery Box requires plating a secret ingredient. The Pressure Test challenge is a race against the clock.

The MasterChef: Dream Plate app is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play.

Gordon Ramsay Uncharted new culinary adventures

A brand new season of Gordon Ramsay Uncharted is back on Nat Geo. In these new culinary adventures, Gordon reveals unique ingredients and culinary techniques. More importantly, each episode shows the connection between food and culture.

The new season of Uncharted premieres on National Geographic channel on June 7.

Are you ready for the Summer of Gordon? With all these programming options, every day could be filled with Gordon Ramsay. Just don’t forget the lamb sauce.

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What is your favorite Gordon show? Are food shows inspiring you to cook more?