SunnyD brings back nostalgic flavors and we feel like a kid again

SunnyD Assortment, photo provided by SunnyD
SunnyD Assortment, photo provided by SunnyD /

SunnyD is re-releasing two popular flavors and our 90s inner child is smiling.

Did you grow up drinking SunnyD? That classic beverage filled many lunchboxes. In every bottle of that orange flavored beverage there is a sip of nostalgia. Now, two limited edition flavors are coming back for the summer. Are you ready to be a kid again?

This classic, bold orange drink has been quenching thirst since the 1960s. While there are many flavors in the line, each beverage has been fortified with Vitamin C. Whether you drink one from the bottle or pour some in a glass, that beverage is ready to be part of anything that life throws at you.

Last year, the brand released two limited edition flavors, Lemonade and Watermelon. The two beverages were so successful that the flavors are being re-released this year.

In some ways, those two beverages represent two classic summer flavors. While lemonade is often considered the most refreshing summer beverage, the slightly tart flavor seems to quench thirst.

For this version, there is a slightly sweet quality to the lemonade flavor. For a special treat, consider freezing the lemonade into cubes to be served with the lemonade. It is like a doubled lemonade experience. And, if you want an extra boost, add a little piece of lemon into the ice cube to boost the lemon flavor.

The other limited edition flavor back on the market is watermelon. From summer barbecues to breakfast, watermelon is a popular summer fruit. With this beverage option, that watermelon craving can be satisfied without all the mess of cutting a watermelon.

Recently, SunnyD shared a delicious Watermelon Shaved Ice recipe that is perfect for any occasion.

SunnyD Watermelon Shaved Ice, photo provided by SunnyD /

How to make SunnyD Watermelon Shaved Ice.


  • 1 64oz bottle SUNNYD Watermelon
  • 2 limes
  • ½ cup coconut water
  • Ice
  • Pinch of sesame seeds, optional


  • Juice limes and combine SUNNYD Watermelon, lime juice, coconut water in a sauce pot, reduce mixture to 75% (taking away 25%)
  • Place ice in a blender to crush until snow like

The use of the lime is key. That little touch of tartness makes the watermelon flavor pop. While this recipe does require a keen eye for the reduction, it is worth the effort. This shaved ice will make you forget about all those other less flavorful options.

If you are craving the limited edition SunnyD Lemonade and Watermelon, act quickly before they are gone.

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Did you grow up with SunnyD? What is your favorite beverage flavor?