7-Eleven offers seven free beverages and we’re thanking heaven

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Head to 7-Eleven for seven free beverages.

Need a great way to start the day? 7-Eleven is offering seven free beverages to its 7Rewards loyalty members. This free food offer is the company’s way to add some happy to the day. Are you ready to quench your thirst and kick start the day?

While the country slowly starts to re-open, many people are adjusting. It is more than just having to put on pants to go to work. Routines are different. Life has forever changed and that understanding takes adjustment.

To give people a little spark of happiness, 7-Eleven is offering seven free beverages to its loyalty members. Guests can choose from seven hot coffees or fountain drinks. Guests can choose any size, too. Some people might need that big cup to kickstart their day.

Thinking about beverages, there are a variety of coffee options available. From a flavored coffee, like the new White Chocolate Blueberry Crumble Steamer, to classic cup of joe, there are many options to satisfy that coffee craving.

Additionally, the soda options are plentiful, too. From all the big name classics to newer options like Jarritos Craft Soda, there is one that will quench your thirst.

In addition to the seven free beverages, 7Rewards members can get a Big Gulp for just $0.49 and a large coffee for just $1. With all the savings options, there are plenty of reasons to be a loyalty member.

As America’s convenience store, the brand has found ways to adapt to the current climate. From offering more take and bake menu items to continually adapting its safety response measures, the brand understands that it needs to respond to the ever-changing world.

In addition, consumers are looking to make connections with the brands that they know and trust. Although that morning routine of grabbing gas and coffee might look different now, consumers will go back to the places that are familiar. Even with adaptations, the iconic brands will have their loyal customers coming back.

For now, this free beverage offer is something to make people feel a little better during the difficult days. People might be hiding that smile behind a mask, but a little bit of happy can go a long way.

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What do you think of this 7-Eleven offer? Will you want to get your free beverages?