No beef, no problem: Most popular plant based burgers

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Most popular plant based burgers are taking over.

What’s that burger cooking on the grill? The most popular plant based burgers are taking over backyard barbecues, restaurant menus and take out orders. While there are many reasons for this spike in popularity, the plant based food trend is here to stay.

Since more people are looking for beef alternatives to satisfy their burger craving, Grubhub looked at recent orders to determine the most popular plant based burger choices. While some popular brands are obvious choices, a few other alternatives could be a tasty option to break out of that burger routine.

No beef, no problem

When it comes to beef alternative burgers, Grubhub found that the top five non-beef burgers nationwide are:

  1. Black bean burger
  2. Plant-based burger
  3. Grilled portobello mushroom burger
  4. Quinoa burger
  5. Eggplant burger

Looking at this list, it is surprisingly that the black bean burger is the top choice. While this burger option might have more flavor than a plant based burger, it is the classic non-beef burger.

Over the years, brands have upgraded their black bean burgers. For example, MorningStar’s spicy black bean burger is packed with flavor. Whether eaten as a traditional burger, incorporated into a salad or used in another way, this black bean burger has converted many people to non-beef burger trend.

Still, numerous plant based burgers have taken over almost all restaurant menus. From fast food to other quick service restaurants, the majority of menus have an Impossible, Beyond or other plant based burger option.

While this plant based food trend continues to grow, the most interesting burger on this list is the eggplant burger. Although Eggplant Parmesan is always a tasty choice for an Italian meal, grilled eggplant is not the most common burger option. Still, it offers a big flavors.

By grilling eggplant, the char can offer a robust flavor. Additionally, the eggplant can take on flavors from the various toppings. From a traditional Italian route to Mediterranean to even Asian, the possibilities are many.

Overall, it appears that beef isn’t the only option for a burger meal. From the most popular plant based burgers to other non-beef alternatives, it seems that the old question, where’s the beef might be tabled for a while.

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Do you agree with the most popular plant based burger list? Are you eating more non-beef burgers?