Ultimate Dole Whip Fans share their Dole Whip recipe creativity

Photo: Dole Whip Float / Magic Kingdom Aloha Isle.. Image Courtesy Disney Enterprises
Photo: Dole Whip Float / Magic Kingdom Aloha Isle.. Image Courtesy Disney Enterprises /

Could your Dole Whip recipe twist be the best of the Ultimate Dole Whip Fans?

Many people consider themselves Ultimate Dole Whip Fans. Since the iconic Dole Whip recipe is available for fans to make that iconic treat at home, Dole is asking fans to share their recipe twists. Although it can be hard to update such a classic, a few flavor tweaks could earn Dole Whip Fans both the Ultimate fan title and a huge reward.

The Dole Whip was created for Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland. As guests waited, they could enjoy that frozen pineapple treat. Over the years, that dessert has become a Dole and Disney classic treat. For many people, a Disney visit is not complete without enjoying one.

Now that the Dole Whip recipe was revealed so that fans can make it at home, Dole is asking all those fans to channel their recipe creativity. Starting today through June 8, fans can submit their own DIY Dole Whip to earn the crown of ultimate fan and some great prizes.

To enter the contest, fans are encouraged to take a photo and share it with Dole’s social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook) and use the tag #DIYDoleWhip. Submissions must be on the original recipe as the foundation for their recipe.

While many people know the recipe, the original Dole Whip recipe can be found on Dole’s website. It is a combination of Dole Pineapple, Dole banana, coconut milk, lime juice and powdered sugar.

Thinking about this contest, fans are being asked to be creative. While the original recipe needs to be respected, there are all types of twists that can be possible.

Without trying to influence anyone’s submissions, there are many creative ways to influence this recipe. While Disney has Dole Whip Nachos and Floats, home versions could focus on adding some texture in addition to flavor.

Two big factors do need to be considered. The classic pineapple flavor needs to come through in every bite. It is not a Dole Whip without being pineapple forward.

Second, the photo needs to be enticing. Since the judges and fans are seeing a photo, that frozen treat needs to make people want to take a taste. Whether it is a beautiful edible flower, the picture perfect setting or a vibrant color, that recipe twist needs to be thoughtful.

Everyone will have to wait to see who will be crowned the Ultimate Dole Whip fan. In the meantime, watch social media and the tag #DIYDoleWhip for some tasty Dole Whip recipes and photos.

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Do you have a recipe idea to give that Dole Whip a twist? What is your favorite way to enjoy a Dole Whip?