Dessert Boards are new food trend to satisfy your sweet tooth

Dessert Board, photo provided by Sugarbowl Bakery
Dessert Board, photo provided by Sugarbowl Bakery /

Move over cheese plates, dessert boards are the perfect sweet treat.

Dessert boards are the newest food trend to satisfy your sweet tooth. Is your sweet tooth prepared for a smorgasbord of desserts? While this food trend is gaining popularity, how should you create this dessert trend?

While everyone loves a great cheese plate and making one is relatively easy, a dessert board is a new food trend. Whether you pair it with a glass of sparkling wine, cup of coffee or just eat the desserts, this plate of tasty sweet treats will make any day even better.

If you are wanting to join this dessert trend, a few key ideas are important to remember. Although many people look to an impressive visual in creating this dessert, the combination of flavors and textures is even more important. Just like a great dessert, it is about creating the perfect bite.

Recently, Sugarbowl Bakery offered some suggestions on making tasty dessert boards. As seen in the above picture, the combination of desserts is key.

For example, a plate full of chocolate desserts can be too rich. Even the biggest chocolate fan might need a light bite in between all that chocolate.

In addition to those brownie bite, consider adding some Madelienes. While the texture of the two desserts are similar, the flavors are quite different.

Since the brownie bites and Madelienes have a softer texture, consider adding some palmiers for a little crunch. The flaky, sweet desserts are quite delicious. While slightly sweet, the touch of crunch is quite satisfying.

Lastly, consider adding some complementary candies and snacks to balance the flavors of the other desserts. For example, a few roasted pecans or walnuts could be a break from all the sweet flavors. Also, some salted, roasted peanuts could be lovely. Remember, a touch of salt can bring out the sweet, too.

Overall, dessert boards are a fun way to plate a variety of desserts. As summer parties begin, a dessert board could be a creative way to incorporate a theme. From patriotic themed desserts to colorful treats, there are a variety of options that are possible.

Even if you love a great cheese plate, it is time to discover the deliciousness of dessert boards. Sometimes a sweet treat needs to be celebrated.

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Have you made a dessert board? What sweet treats would you put on the plate?