Chex Mix brought back Chex Quest and our inner 90s child cheered

Chex Mix’s NEW limited-edition packaging. Image Courtesy Chex Mix
Chex Mix’s NEW limited-edition packaging. Image Courtesy Chex Mix /

Chex Mix is an iconic snack, but Chex Quest is the game of our childhood.

Sometimes food and childhood memories can create the perfect bite of nostalgia. Chex Mix understands that the 90s are having a moment and it is the perfect time to bring back Chex Quest. Now, everyone can play this iconic video game.

Growing up, many cereal boxes had a special treat. Back in the 90s, some Chex cereal boxes had a special CD-ROM game in the box. For many people, that prize in the box was the ultimate treat. For 1996 standards, this game was the quite entertaining.

Now, Chex Quest has come back in a huge way and all those 90s children are jumping for joy. While the game has been updated, many of the classic characteristics that made it popular.

Kaylee Pohlmeyer, Marketing Communications Manager at General Mills, said, “The Chex cereal piece was the hero of the original Chex Quest. All the different pieces that make up Chex Mix, made it the perfect General Mills brand to step in and launch this classic video game as a free, downloadable version with new multiplayer capabilities and new characters to join the Chex Warrior.”

The current version of this video game, the Intergalactic Federation of Snacks’ outpost needs savings. As chaos erupts, the Chex Mix Squadron helps to rescue the planet of Bazoik. Joining Fred Chexter are new characters of Wheatney Chexworth (Wheat Chex), Shane “The Dread” McBread (Breadstick), NaCI-96 (Round Pretzel), Dr. O Ryen (Rye Chip) and P.R.E.T.Z.L. (Square Pretzel).

As the rescue mission continues, the players need to unlock doors and save the planet. From secret rooms to new dialogue, everyone will jump at the chance to win the mission.

While there is no CD-ROM on the back of the Chex cereal box, there are unique codes on Chex Mix bags. Fans cause these codes to unlock new multiplayer mode. Additional codes can be found on Instagram or at

If you are looking to bring back a taste of your childhood, open a bag of Chex Mix and play Chex Quest. It might be the diversion to make you smile today.

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What 90s nostalgia would you like to come back?