Kit Kat: Which Kit Kat flavor is the best one to break into?

(Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
(Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images) /
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Kit Kat Birthday cake flavor
Kit Kat announces Birthday Cake flavor, photo provided by Hersheys /

Who says that Kit Kat flavors are a party in your mouth?

Over the past several years, birthday cake flavor has taken over store shelves. That flavor combination of cake and icing has been seen in ice cream, cereal and, of course, candy. In some ways, people are wanting every day to have a little bite of celebration.

One of the more recent Kit Kat flavors to hit store shelves is the Kit Kat Birthday cake. Just like the wrapper shows, this candy bar is meant to feel like a celebration.

From the birthday cake white crème to the touch of sprinkles, it looks and tastes like birthday cake. Although some people find this flavor to be a little sweet, many people really enjoy it.

By adding this flavor, Kit Kat is showing that it can adapt to flavor trends. Although this flavor trend tends to target a younger audience, it still shows adaptability.

Thinking about this flavor, it beg the question, what other flavor trends could be on the horizon? Is another colorful flavor next? Maybe cotton candy could be summer’s next big treat.