Kit Kat Birthday Cake is coming and it is the perfect way to celebrate

Kit Kat announces Birthday Cake flavor, photo provided by Hersheys
Kit Kat announces Birthday Cake flavor, photo provided by Hersheys /

Kit Kat Birthday Cake flavor is the sweet excuse to break into a celebration. The newest limited edition Kit Kat flavor will have everyone feeling a little more festive.

Another new limited edition Kit Kat will be hitting store shelves this year. Kit Kat Birthday Cake flavor is the next, new flavor coming to the Kit Kat line. While that classic chocolate covered, crispy wafer is always tasty, the newest flavor innovation will have many people cheering in celebration. Are you ready to do a taste test?

In the past couple of months, Kit Kit has launched several new Kit Kat flavors. These limited edition, seasonal flavors seem to coincide with other seasonal offerings. From the Pumpkin Pie to the Sweet Cinnamon, the fall was all about comfort. For the spring, the Raspberry Creme and Lemon Crisp flavors focused on bright and light. These limited edition options give candy fans a chance to try something new yet still familiar.

The newest limited edition flavor, Kit Kat Birthday Cake will be available in April 2020. While birthday cake and April are not the most obvious pairing, many people love the colorful, sweet birthday cake flavors. This limited edition option will definitely get people wanting a taste test.

Although the classic wafer stays the same, the white creme that covers it is birthday cake flavored. Given that birthday cake flavors tend to be sweet, this Kit Kat could be on the sweet side. Still, it will be worth a taste test.

With confetti sprinkles mixed in, this Kit Kat could be the perfect topping for an actual birthday cake or a birthday ice cream sundae. Many people use candy as part of a dessert decoration and this candy seems to be a great pairing.

Birthday cake flavor has been trending. From coffee creamers to candies, everyone cannot get enough of that sweeter taste. Maybe people are trying to bring a little special moment to just a regular day. Who said that birthday cake can only be enjoyed on one day of the year?

Since it appears that Kit Kat is looking to expand into limited edition flavors, the limitless possibility of combinations is intriguing. Could summer see a s’mores Kit Kat or an ice cream sundae flavor? Everyone will have to wait and see.

Kit Kat Birthday Cake flavor will be hitting store shelves in April 2020. Keep checking back to see where and when you can get a taste test. But, don’t wait to sample them. This limited edition flavor will be gone quick, just like blowing out those birthday candles.

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Do you like these limited edition Kit Kat flavors? What new flavor would you like to see?