Kit Kat: Which Kit Kat flavor is the best one to break into?

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Kit Kat flavors
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Seasonal Kit Kat flavors had everyone rushing to the store.

In the past several months, Kit Kat released several limited-edition, seasonal flavors. While these flavors might have disappeared before you were able to stock up, many of the seasonal options were well received.

When the pumpkin spice Kit Kats were released, everyone could not get enough. Even though it seems like there is PSL everything in the fall, these candy bars had just the right flavor combination. A touch of sweet with a hint of spice made this candy everything nice.

That flavor was followed by a sweet cinnamon. Again, the flavor fit the winter season. In some ways, it was a nice option during the holiday season.

At Valentine’s Day, there was a raspberry crème flavor. Compared to the other seasonal flavors, this choice was sweet. The raspberry, including the raspberry aroma, was strong. While some people loved the color, the flavor needed the right audience.

Lastly, around Easter, the Lemon Crisp flavor was a bright, cheerful way to celebrate Spring. The lemon was slightly tart but nothing overpowering. With the classic crunch, this candy was like an upgraded lemon bar.

If any of the seasonal flavors were to become permanent, the Lemon Crisp variety is definitely a top choice. That flavor seems to be able to work all year round.