Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Tasmania: An island full of food gifts

Forestier Peninsula, Tasmania - L to R: Gordon Ramsay harvests fresh samphire with local adventurer, Sarah Glover. (Credit: National Geographic/Justin Mandel)
Forestier Peninsula, Tasmania - L to R: Gordon Ramsay harvests fresh samphire with local adventurer, Sarah Glover. (Credit: National Geographic/Justin Mandel) /

In the Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Tasmania episode, the pristine island is full of gifts.

To kick off the new season, Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Tasmania episode focuses on the concept of sea to plate. While the pristine island is full of culinary adventures, the purity of ingredients offers an amazing flavor exploration.

Like the first season, Gordon Ramsay Uncharted puts Gordon Ramsay into unique experiences which serve to teach lessons as well as serve as the ingredients for his finale meal. While this episode doesn’t have Gordon eating some bugs or other crazy creatures, his adventures, including one with the unique Tasmanian scotch, are quite entertaining (and the memes should be coming soon).

If you are looking for the big moment of this Gordon Ramsay Uncharted episode, the sheep scotch is definitely the humorous moment. Although there are more bleeps than necessary, it is an interesting eco-friendly concept. Everything and anything can and should be used on a farm. There is an endless cycle that more people should employ

Overall, the biggest theme throughout the episode is the idea of hospitality. It seems that bestowing gifts to guests is tradition. In a way, that gesture is more than just a gift, it is a way of showing appreciation for others. Given today’s world, being grateful for people around us is a reminder that everyone could use.

Still, the reason why many people watch this show is for the food. In this episode, the dishes and food might not be available at the local store, but the concepts can be applied to the home cook.

In this finale meal, Gordon cooks spiny lobster, wallaby, sea urchin and uses scotch, honey and locally foraged foods. When watching Gordon and Analiese Gregory cook their meals, the respect that they give the ingredients is key. Although the normal person would not flambe a protein with a $200 bottle of scotch, there are many lessons to be learned.

First, the concept of surf and turf is more than just beef and something from the sea. While steak and lobster are common, why not try a pork, venison or some other game meat. The idea is to balance the flavors and seasonings across the proteins.

Even in the shared recipe inspired by this episode, the concepts can be applied to other ingredients. Instead of wallaby, another lean protein can be used to make a Tasmanian inspired tartare.

Second, this meal focuses on quality, fresh ingredients. It is clear that fresh, local ingredients have a more robust flavor. Hopefully, more people will come to the realization that buying from the local farmer will offer better flavor.

Although foraging might not be readily available for the home cook, flavorful ingredients could inspire some home planting. Whether it is that windowsill planter or backyard mini-garden, those freshly picked ingredients will make a difference in your cooking.

Additionally, all the ingredients used in this meal are full of flavor because Tasmania is uncharted. Those one of a kind ingredients are a by-product the untouched lands. Sometimes the pristine land can offer the most beautiful bounty.

Overall, the finale meal is less of a battle between Gordon Ramsay and Analiese Gregory than it is a celebration of the local food scene. The purity of ingredients is the true culinary adventure. Each dish shows how the ingredients can be used in various ways. A new plate offers another flavor exploration.

Even though foodies might not be able to jump on a plane to Tasmania, everyone can dream of the day when they can explore this pristine land. Until then, it is time to put the lessons in this Gordon Ramsay Uncharted episode to use in the home kitchen.

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What food takeaways did you learn from this Gordon Ramsay Uncharted episode? Are you ready for another culinary adventure?