Krispy Kreme Dessert Doughnuts, there’s always room for dessert

(Photo illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
(Photo illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) /

The red light announces new Krispy Kreme Dessert Doughnuts.

While the Original Glaze might be an all-time favorite, the new Krispy Kreme Dessert Doughnuts are making everyone hungry. Although you do not need a fork to eat these Krispy Kreme dessert-flavored doughnuts, you may want a second helping. Ready for a taste test?

The new Krispy Kreme Dessert Doughnuts feature three flavors, Banana Pudding, Coconut Cake and Mississippi Mud Pie. These three flavors are classic desserts.

In some ways, the Krispy Kreme flavors are a take on Southern food favorites. It is almost as if these doughnuts came straight from the summer barbecue.

Looking at the three doughnut flavors, the Mississippi Mud Pie might be the huge hit. Krispy Kreme describes the doughnut as “doughnut filled with Chocolate Pie Kreme, dipped in chocolate icing, topped with cookie and graham crumbles, and finished with a marshmallow drizzle.” The marshmallow drizzle pushes it over the top. In a way, it is a chocolate lover’s delight.

In a close second, the Banana Pudding gets a push from those classic vanilla wafer cookies. Described as “A doughnut filled with banana pudding, dipped in light yellow icing, and topped with Kreme and three mini vanilla wafer cookies” this doughnut is for banana fans. If you are tired of baking banana bread, this doughnut could curb that banana flavor craving.

Lastly, the Coconut Cake has a touch of the tropics in each bite. Somehow coconut always seems to bring a little bit of the beach vibe. This doughnut is described as “a coconut flavored cake doughnut topped with cream cheese icing and dipped in shredded coconut.” The cream cheese icing will make it sweet, but it is definitely worth a taste test.

The Krispy Kreme Dessert Doughnuts are available now for a limited time. Although the exact duration for these special dessert doughnuts is unclear, it is best to try some before they are gone. Like summer, they could be gone before you know it.

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What do you think of the new Krispy Kreme Dessert Doughnuts? What other new doughnut flavors would you like Krispy Kreme to add?