Uber Eats Vouchers, a new business lunch solution

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With the Uber Eats Vouchers solutions, the business lunch just got easier.

From social distancing to remote working, businesses are learning to adapt to new methods. With the Uber Eats Vouchers option, businesses expand the way people can connect over a meal.

Over the years, many business meetings have happened across the restaurant table. Or, what about a company who orders dinner for everyone who is working late. In the new normal, those business moments look a little different. That business lunch takes place via Zoom. Long work days come with snacks from your own refrigerator.

As businesses learn to pivot and adapt, Uber Eats has created a voucher program. Through this idea, businesses have alternative ways to connect over a meal. It might not necessarily be the old way or over the same table, but it gets the job done.

Given that more and more people are embracing the idea of food delivery services, this voucher program expands a business’ way of using the traditional business meal. For example, for that virtual meeting, a business can send a client the Uber Eats voucher and everyone can eat from the comfort of their own space. Who says that’s a comped meal can’t comply with social distancing?

Additionally, businesses can use the voucher program to introduce their product to prospective clients. For example, a restaurant who is getting back into service could send a voucher to loyal guests to encourage them to place a new order. It is almost like the new restaurant gift card.

Overall, the Uber Eats Voucher program expands the options for all types of businesses. Whether it is the new business lunch or work dinner, this program could be just the start. It will be interesting to see if other food delivery services will follow in Uber’s footsteps.

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What do you think of this new vouchers program? Could it be the new way of doing a business lunch?