The secret to Popeye’s fried chicken might be in your pantry

Photo: Popeye's chicken sandwich.. Image Courtesy Postmates, Popeyes
Photo: Popeye's chicken sandwich.. Image Courtesy Postmates, Popeyes /

The secret to Popeye’s fried chicken is really quite simple.

Whether it is that uber popular chicken sandwich or the new Buffalo Ranch Chicken Tenders, who doesn’t love that Popeye’s fried chicken. While the Louisiana Kitchen tempts people with their fried chicken, sides and those glorious biscuits, sometimes it isn’t possible to place an order to satisfy that craving. What if you could use some Popeye’s fried chicken secrets to upgrade your own fried chicken recipe.

In a recent article, Amy Alarcon, Popeye’s head of culinary innovation, revealed one of the secrets behind that infamous fried chicken. It is all about the marinade.

According to Alarcon, she said that a really good marinade makes a difference between a good fried chicken and a great fried chicken. While she did not reveal the specific ingredients to the Popeye’s marinade, she said all that great flavor comes from that marinading process.

Thinking about a great chicken marinade, one key (before talking about ingredients) is the length of the marinade. Usually a 10-12 hour mark is a good time frame. The longer that the chicken sits in the marinade, the more flavor that it will absorb. If you want each and every bite to have all that tasty goodness, give the chicken time to absorb all the flavor.

For Alarcon, she recommends using buttermilk in a marinade as well as different hot sauces. Since everyone has a different spice tolerance level, the hot sauce depends on personal preference. Still, it is the combination of heat which is tamed by the buttermilk which makes the flavor appealing.

While there are a variety of marinade recipes available, the important aspect to remember is that a marinade is for flavor. Any of these recipes will have some type of acid with helps to break down the protein and boost the flavor. Since everyone has different preferences, it is best to experiment with recipes and ingredients.

No a marinade is not a brine.

Remember, a marinade is different from a brine. A brine is meant to add moisture, which is why a brine is often used with a whole turkey. The two methods are not the same.

While many people might want to experiment with a marinade for their own fried chicken recipe, Popeye’s does have a few deals to keep you out of the kitchen. For example, the three piece tenders box is just $10 when ordered via the app. Also, $5 Buffalo Ranch Combo meal is a great deal, too.

If you love that fried chicken from Popeye’s, you can use their secrets to make some tasty meals at home. Isn’t copying the most sincere form of flattery?

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