Uber Eats priority delivery service puts food on your table faster

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Uber Eats priority delivery service is a winner for dinner.

Need another reason to order from your favorite restaurant? Uber Eats priority delivery service and restaurant loyalty programs are here to keep food delivery orders going. Are you excited to place another food order?

For the past several months, food delivery has been many people’s connection with their favorite restaurants. As the tables sat empty, the ability to keep kitchens open via food delivery was a lifeline. Not only did locals have the ability satisfy their restaurant cravings but the restaurant could keep food coming out of the kitchen.

In a recent announcement, Uber Eats announced both a priority delivery service as well as restaurant loyalty programs. With these programs, customers have even more reasons to place a food order today.

The priority delivery service offers customers an option to put their food delivery at the top of the list. While there is a nominal fee, many people will want to take advantage of this service. When you are hungry, in a hurry or just don’t want to wait, the ability to get your food faster is worth the additional charge.

Although not specific, the fee is described as nominal. One example says 99 cents. If the fee is small, it can be assumed that many people will happily choose priority delivery service.

Additionally, there seems a savings option called “no rush.” With that choice, customers can save on their food delivery order. If you plan far enough in advance, this idea could be a great way to save on your next order..


Since saving is a priority for many people, the restaurant loyalty program could be big hit with customers. With so many people trying to support their local, favorite restaurants, this loyalty program could have people coming back for even more food orders.

While each restaurant will be able to devise their own program and method, customers like to feel valued. The idea that they can earn a discount or free food is important. The restaurant loyalty program might be a bigger hit than the Uber Eats priority delivery service.

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What do you think of these new Uber Eats services? Will they entice you to make another food order?