bubly celebrates community with an Unstoppable Pride Parade

Bubly announces Unstoppable Pride Parade, photo provided by Bubly
Bubly announces Unstoppable Pride Parade, photo provided by Bubly /

Put on your best outfit and join the bubly Unstoppable Pride Parade, virtually.

Just because people cannot parade through the streets, doesn’t mean that Pride celebrations are canceled. Get ready for the bubly Unstoppable Pride Parade. This virtual celebration has everyone celebrating the unstoppable power of community.

The Unstoppable Pride Parade is a virtual event that supports both GLAAD and the Center for Black Equity. For this event, people are coming together virtually to create a community celebration. Whether you are in New York City, Orlando or California, everyone and anyone can take a moment to show their Pride Celebrations on social media.

To create this virtual celebration, bubly will compile social media shares on Instagram stories and TikTok that contain #UnstoppablePride. The submissions will be combined to create an unstoppable pride parade on social media. The final celebration and video will be held on June 27 at 12 p.m. EST. To watch the parade celebration, please visit bubly.com/UnstoppablePride.

While everyone will have a special outfit, walk or even character for their parade moment, this celebration is more than just compiling fun videos. It is a way for everyone to celebrate their colorful selves. Short, tall, athletic, musical, and however you describe yourself can come together to find more similarities than differences in this unstoppable parade.

As everyone starts to think about their own Unstoppable moment, why not create an unstoppable mocktail to toast your own epic pride moment. While some people might like to sip a Pride cocktail, a mocktail using the bubly sparkling water can be as festive as an adult libation.

For a great mocktail, consider bringing some bold flavors to the table. While it can be hard to create a rainbow-colored drink, consider bringing together a rainbow of flavors to the glass. With this sparkling water it is easy to do.

One tasty mocktail is to use the bubly pineapple in a pineapple mojito mocktail. The combination of pineapple and mint is quite refreshing on a summer day. Plus, the color combination of yellows and greens is vibrant.

To make this mocktail, muddle some mint in the bottom of a glass. Combine pineapple juice and lime juice, usually a 2 to 1 ratio of pineapple to lime juice. Shake the juices vigorously and pour over the mint. Then top with a floater of the pineapple bubly. It sweet and refreshing in every sip.

No matter how to celebrate Pride Month, the power behind communities across the nation is unstoppable. That strengthen of community should always be celebrated.

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Are you celebrating Pride Month? How are you celebrating this year?