Whole Trout recipe from Gordon Ramsay Uncharted celebrates Louisiana flavors

Louisiana - Grilled fish finished with satsuma beurre blanc during the big cook. (Credit: National Geographic/Rush Jagoe)
Louisiana - Grilled fish finished with satsuma beurre blanc during the big cook. (Credit: National Geographic/Rush Jagoe) /

This whole trout recipe inspired by Gordon Ramsay Uncharted shows subtly in Louisiana flavors.

When some people think of Louisiana flavors, Cajun or creole flavors might come to mind. In this whole trout recipe inspired by the Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Louisiana episode, the recipe shows that Louisiana inspired cooking is more than spice.

In each Gordon Ramsay Uncharted episode, Gordon explores the food and culture of the area. While some flavors and ingredients might be expected, the stories behind those items show that food offers diversity around the table. While people might come from different backgrounds, several recipes seem to be the quintessential melting pot.

Many foodies flock to Louisiana for its rich heritage as well as its food scene. Anyone who has had a plate of gumbo made from a deep, rich rue understands that the food tells a story. Those recipes are part history, part innovation and sometimes part evolution.

Without revealing details about the upcoming Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Louisiana episode, Gordon and the local experts show how Louisiana food is more than just gumbo and po boys. Even though the recipes highlight thoughtful, layers of flavor, it isn’t just about spice. From sourcing local ingredients to letting the flavors speak for themselves, sometimes the simple recipes are the most memorable ones.

Many chefs look to local, fresh ingredients to bring flavor to a recipe. In this episode, Gordon is surprised to find satsumas that could be foraged.

While a satsuma might look like a clementine, the fruit is different. Usually not found fresh in a grocery store, a satsuma is originally from Japan. They were brought over by the Jesuits and planted in Louisiana.

A satsuma is seedless and quite easy to peel. More importantly, the flavor is sweet and quite juicy. Adding this ingredient to a recipe makes the zesty flavors just pop.

Ahead of this week’s Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Louisiana episode, National Geographic Channel the following recipe inspired by the episode.

Whole Trout Recipe
Gordon Ramsay Uncharted, LA episode, photo provided by Nat Geo Channel /

Looking at this whole trout recipe, the trout is grilled simply. With just salt and pepper, the fish stands on its own. While some people might not like trout, another white fish could be substituted. In a way, a flaky, white fish could work.

The star of this recipe is the satsuma beurre blanc. Beurre blanc is a mother sauce and is often paired with fish.

This version of the sauce gets a burst of flavor from the satsumas. With a touch of sweetness and brightness, it highlights the trout without overpowering it. Although this recipe is best enjoyed with satsumas, a clementine could be used if you can’t find the satsumas.

With summer grilling season here, this recipe could be an elevated twist on a traditional grilled fish. It blends a touch of French with Louisiana. More importantly, it highlights the idea of using local ingredients to boost the flavor.

If you want to see Gordon Ramsay cook this recipe, be sure to watch Gordon Ramsay Uncharted on National Geographic Channel on Sunday night at 10 p.m.

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What local ingredients make your recipes more flavorful? What recipe tips have you learned from this Gordon Ramsay show?