Tons of Tomatoes – Bushels of Ideas to Enjoy Your Summer Tomato Bounty

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Need some food inspiration for a bushel of summer tomatoes?

Summer tomato season is all to short for those of us who love garden fresh tomatoes. During this season we often find ourselves with an overabundance of this red luscious fruit. For the true tomato lover there is no such thing as too many tomatoes, but we do have to get creative in how we use them.

These tasty, simple ideas for those summer tomatoes will have you eating tomatoes at every meal.

Salt ’em! Thick slices of red ripe tomato just beg for a sprinkling of flaked gourmet sea salt. Flavored salts such as citron or garlic and herb marry nicely with the rich tomato flavor. A bit of freshly ground black pepper and you’ve got the perfect simple summer salad.

Soup ’em! Hot or cold, tomato soup is always welcoming. Traditional chilled gazpacho or spicy green tomato gazpacho garnished with grilled shrimp and homemade garlic croutons. Roasted tomato cheddar bisque served with mini cheese toasts.

Fry ’em! Fried green tomatoes are a southern staple. So popular that there was a movie named after them starring  Kathy Bates. Fried green tomato BLT’s are a fan favorite.

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Drink ’em! Have you tried a Tomato Water Martini? Add fresh tomato water to your Bloody Mary’s to bring the tomato flavor up a notch.

Slice ’em! The perfect light bite for summer lunch is the classic tomato sandwich. Thin slices of tomato, mayo, freshly ground black pepper on Pepperidge Farm Thin White Bread. Add thin cucumber slices for extra crunch and sprinkle on a little chopped fresh dill.

Dice ’em! No-cook tomato pasta sauce over angel hair pasta is the perfect summer supper. Simply combine chopped fresh garden tomatoes, fresh oregano and basil, sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, fresh garlic sauteed in olive oil. Spoon sauce over hot pasta and sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese -Voilà ! Dinner if served! Make a Watermelon Tomato Poke – watermelon replaces the traditional tuna in this recipe – full of fresh summer flavors.

Dip ’em! Roasted Cherry Tomato Salsa – use multicolored cherry tomatoes to make this a colorful appetizer. BLT Dip – sour cream, mayo, finely shredded cheddar cheese, bacon and chopped tomato. Add color and flavor to your guacamole with finely chopped tomatoes.

Freeze ’em, can ’em, sun-dry ’em but most of all ENJOY THEM!

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How will you prepare your bounty of garden fresh summer tomatoes?