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Chef Paul Liebrant, photo provided by CocuSocial
Chef Paul Liebrant, photo provided by CocuSocial /

Paul Liebrandt is a master in the kitchen and CocuSocial brings his talent to home cooks.

Many home cooks are looking to improve their cooking skills. CocuSocial and Paul Liebrandt have partnered to bring the celebrated chef directly into the home kitchen. In his upcoming fish and chips cooking class, Chef Liebrandt will help home cooks gain confidence in their cooking techniques.

For many foodies, Chef Paul Liebrandt is a culinary legend. The youngest chef to receive three stars from the New York Times, his two Michelin Stars, the award winning documentary A Matter of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt, his book Bad to the Bone and numerous other accolades, he is considered one of the most creative and talented chefs in the world.

While few people may have the opportunity to indulge in one of Chef Liebrandt’s dining experiences, his Instagram page is filled with stunning visuals of the impeccable dishes that he creates. As your eyes marvel at the plate, the exploration of the flavors is the real gem. From creative combinations to seasonal ingredients at the pinnacle of their flavors, this chef inspires others to push the boundaries of culinary creativity.

With more and more home cooks looking to explore food, flavor and cooking at home, a platform like CocuSocial brings that opportunity to them. This platform offers online cooking classes. The Masters Series brings celebrated chefs, like Chef Liebrandt, to cooks who are looking to gain knowledge from these culinary experts.

On June 27, Chef Liebrandt will host a class on Fish and Chips. Even though many people have experienced this iconic dish, this version might have foodies discovering a new appreciation for the dish often associated with England.

Ahead of the CocuSocial cooking class, I had the opportunity to chat with Chef Paul Liebrandt about this cooking philosophy, why he chose fish and chips and what he recommends for home cooks to gain cooking confidence.

Looking at Chef Liebrandt’s dishes, his inspiration does not come from one specific point. In many ways, all food is his canvas. Whether it is the fresh, seasonal ingredients from the New York City farmer’s market, a country that he is visiting or another area that moves him, inspiration is everywhere.

During my conversation with Chef Liebrandt, it was clear that ingredients tend to guide some of his choices. He mentioned that “ingredients need to speak to you.” Whether it is that perfectly luscious strawberry that is currently in season or another item from the local farmer, those ingredients offer a bounty of flavor.

He encouraged home cooks to taste the difference. For example, he mentioned how a strawberry from the local farmer’s market will have a different taste than one purchased from the grocery store. When that flavor is a cook’s guide, the resulting dish will be a wonderful experience.

Still, the home cook can be intimidated in the kitchen. Although the professional chef can make almost any dish look effortless, that skilled plate comes with years of practice. Chef Liebrandt said that home cooks need to practice to make perfect.

Part of the benefit to a cooking class on CocuSocial is to show the hows, whys and whats that can make a dish special. Whether it is the flavorful ingredients, careful preparation or the process itself, the path to being a better chef is a journey not a sprint.

While this class is about fish and chips, the lessons learned are not just about a fried piece of fish and crisp potatoes. The skills and concepts can be applied in other dishes and recipes. The nuance of seasonings, the method of frying and even the cutting of the potatoes are skills that are not just limited to a fish and chips recipe.

Chef Liebrandt commented that the craft of becoming a good chef takes time. He said that it is an “accumulation of skill.” Whether it is years or decades, every cook must find “his own voice” and “develop a style of cooking.” It is not about mimicking someone else but learning and applying knowledge along the way.

In some ways, starting with this fish and chips recipe is a good introduction for the home cook who is wanting to expand her cooking skills. Learning how to properly fry a piece of fish is an important skill.

For Chef Liebrandt, this CocuSocial class is about teaching home cooks a skill and watching them succeed. The goal isn’t to simply recreate his dish from the picture. It is about learning the hows, whys and applying those techniques not just in class but going forward.

In some ways, his choice of fish and chips is not just an homage to his British roots but it is a dish that the home cook can and will master. Still, this dish is more than it appears. Chef Liebrandt explained how fish and chips came to England from the Turkish spice trade. If it wasn’t for that global connection, the iconic pub dish wouldn’t not be a staple around the world.

The connection between food and people is a strong bond. According to Chef Liebrandt, food can and does touch people. By combining all of the elements, that plate of food can be even more. In some ways, a six element of appreciating all that goes into a dish (the ingredients, cooking and patience, etc. ) makes serving and eating food an intimate experience.

As anyone starts to embrace the idea of exploring food and cooking, that sense of appreciation grows. Even if a dish is not picture perfect, there is an appreciation for the ingredients on the plate and the process as a whole.

Anyone who will be cooking along with Chef Liebrandt needs a few key ingredients. While it can be best to source these items from local farmers, one ingredient will need to come from the store. The recipe calls for a brown lager. While a brown lager is traditionally used in the recipe, it doesn’t necessarily have to be served with the meal.

Although the brown lager does infuse flavor into the batter for the fish, Chef Liebrandt recommends drinking a beverage that appeals to your palate. Since he is not a big beer drinker, he might prefer to enjoy a glass of wine with his meal. Even though food encompasses all the senses, a person needs to celebrate his or his preferences to make an enjoyable dining experience.

No matter what is served with or how the dish is served, Chef Liebrandt hopes that this cooking class is a positive experience that infuses a desire to explore food and cooking. He believes that any home cook can gain confidence as she practices and cooks more. It isn’t about perfection; rather, the cooking journey should be celebrated.

The CocuSocial Fish and Chips cooking class will be held on June 27 and tickets can be purchased online. Additional classes in the Master Chef series are available.

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Do you believe that cooking takes patience and practice? Are you inspired by Chef Paul Liebrandt to start cooking this weekend?